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  1. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    I've just upgraded a forum to 4.1.4 from 3.4.8 and they're asking for preview to be added back. I upgraded a different forum from 3.4.8 to 4.1 a few weeks back. They are no longer asking the preview button. They've gotten used to it now. A button to preview exactly what is displayed on screen is pointless. I can see some need for niche forums, like those working with formulae, but the average user has no need for it. They just think they do.
  2. It's not so much that I couldn't embed - it's that embedding only worked in certain situations. The YouTube link had to be on it's own line and I had to press Enter immediately after pasting the YouTube link for it to be parsed. If neither requirement was satisfied (e.g. it was not on its own line and/or Enter was not pressed, it did not parse.) Windows 10 with latest updates installed Firefox, with Adblock installed Chrome, no Adblock installed Vivaldi, no Adblock installed  
  3. Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpv1jZSvqIQ Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpv1jZSvqIQ Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpv1jZSvqIQ If it's on the same line as text it does not parse. Is this intentional? If it's on its own line it seems to parse, at least after pressing Enter first. This next one was pasted, without pressing enter, and instantly submitted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpv1jZSvqIQ It appeared to parse the last one momentarily, I saw the "flash" of the video, but the saved post contains just the link. This "flashing effect" also impacts images and emotes.
  4. This one posted by pasting and hitting Submit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpv1jZSvqIQ This one posted by pasting, hitting Enter and then hitting Submit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lpv1jZSvqIQ   Neither worked.
  5. Thanks @Lindy. Much appreciated.
  6. This has fallen to page 2 but I see other feedback getting immediate responses. I consider this quite a critical issue. Any feedback from IPS would be appreciated. Right now, members have to message a moderator to remove images that are rightfully, and lawfully, their property.
  7. Global permissions are more confusing than granular ones. All I need, as an admin, is: Can delete own topics? Can delete own posts? Can delete own status updates? Can delete own attachments? Can delete own gallery images? Can delete own gallery album? Can delete own blog entries? Can delete own blog? Can delete own database entries? That is so clear and I only need to run through each of these permissions once per user group, but I will know exactly what each member group can and cannot delete. Global permissions that cross over different content types absolutely perplex me. It makes no logical sense and I can't think of a single use case why a global permission is better than the more granular ones. I would have thought admin control over content removal is a critical element that should have been considered up front. I really hope this gets sorted, and fast. I sing the praises of IPS every chance I get, often coming to their defence in threads, but this situation made even me do this:
  8. I'm just about to move a forum over to IPS4.1 from IP.Board 3.4.8 with Gallery. This topic is a bit of a deal breaker. I certainly do not want users deleting their own forum content at their leisure, but I do want those same users to have control over their galleries. This needs addressing. This is basic functionality I would expect with any software offering multiple content types.
  9. Community members don't like all the IPB changes.

    Don't be ridiculous, HTML is a programming language for developing/designing web pages. BBCode is not. BBCode is a relic of editors used by end-users for posting online content, due to the lack of WYSIWYG editor functionality. WYSIWYG, when it works properly, does not require the use of BBCode. I've got one forum on 4.1.X already and another in testing. Thus far the only issues found are ones we already know about, some parsing of mentions, images, and YouTube videos being a bit on the slow side, but nothing game-breaking. In fact, not one person on my current 3.4.8 actually uses BBCode. Most of them did not even know they could toggle it to BBCode at all.
  10. Community members don't like all the IPB changes.

    BBCode is a fossil, it's old and it needed to be replaced. I wouldn't want to go back to it. The editor is not perfect, but it's getting better.
  11. Notifications

    I might have posted this before (I'm dyslexic and have a terrible memory, sue me ) but anyway, here goes... The browser notifications built into 4.1 are brilliant, I don't miss a trick and respond quickly to stuff. Great. What isn't so great is that accessing a notification from the bottom of the screen, if you're quick enough to click it, does not remove the very same notification from the bell at the top of the screen. I still have a notification there after having dealt with the notification already. Can these be linked? If either one is used to access a notification (e.g. go to the content the notification is for) then the other one should be marked as read/complete/deleted/whatever. Overall I and my community are delighted with 4.1. I have received zero complaints about it. Thanks
  12. 2 Factor Authentication

    +1 I'd support that. I already use authenticator for several sites.
  13. Upgrade Now Front End Message

    Yes, I would. My users security is paramount and I will always put it before anything else. When it comes to security it is always an easy decision. Even if you do not want to do the update there and then, the fact that the message is visible only to your admins means the display of it shouldn't have caused an issue. There's a lot of quite pointless whining in this thread over the display of a message that, ultimately, is only visible to a select few.
  14. Upgrade Now Front End Message

    I'm grateful for the notification. It took me 5 minutes to perform a backup, a minute to take the site offline, 2 minutes to apply the update, 1 minute to pat myself on the back for a job well done, and another minute to put everything back online. Sometimes I think admins like to make a mountain out of a molehill.
  15. Favorite Game

    Ditto, except 4 servers and an awesome IPS forum.