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  1. Why 3.2 ?

    hello, I'd just like to say that I'm having all sorts of issues with this editor. 1) the fact that when the RTE is turned off I can't use any of the buttons in the toolbar (bbcode buttons would really be useful) 2) more importantly: special characters get ######ed up when editing posts, switching editors, previewing, etc. basically the special character gets replaced by their HTML code equivalent (& becomes & visible in clear text etc.) 3) switching editors generally causes trouble. Sometimes I edit stuff in plain text, I save it, then I come back to the RTE (relaoding the page or other) then all the line breaks are gone. Weird stuff like that. Using FF 5, IPB 3.2.1 (upgraded from 3.2 which was in turn upgraded from 3.1) it kinda blows for now...