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  1. 4.0 - Messenger

    What prevents the person you are messaging with in a private conversation from adding someone else you do not approve of being added? I appreciate the effort you have put into this, and I know this is how email works, but email is not called private email, whereas this is called personal/private messages/conversations.
  2. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: "Best Answer" Feature

    As a user of QA sites like stackoverflow I appreciate their existence, but I think in some genres (like anything computer related) they threaten forums immensely. Do you guys have a strategy beyond this feature that addresses the above, where people can get similar QA functionality (specific answers) but in a forum type of way (discussion) so it's the best of both worlds? This seems like a great start. Nice work!
  3. Migrating to IP.Gallery

    Thanks Brandon. It's not the links to images I'm worried about, it's image tags that I'm worried about. Are there any current method to convert the ubb image tags to the appropriate IPB ones and correct the src paths to the Gallery5 images?
  4. Migrating to IP.Gallery

    Has anyone migrated both their forum and gallery to IPB? What did you do about your imbedded links? I know I'm not the first :)
  5. Some Gallery 5 Feedback

    It would be nice when you have multiple image in the post when the lightbox pops up to be able to arrow through all the images.
  6. Migrating to IP.Gallery

    I forgot to add. We are on Photopost 7.1. Will the converter work on this version?
  7. Migrating to IP.Gallery

    We are migrating our forum (UBB) and gallery (PhotoPost) software to IPB. We have been on this platform for almost 12 years and have a board with over 23k registered users and 1 million posts. Of the many issues that we face in this migration, images from PhotoPost that are embedded in posts is one of the largest. The simplest solution to this is leaving the old photopost data folder in it current location to maintain the image paths. Ideally, I'd like to take advantage of the all the Gallery functionality including the new lightbox functionality. So my question is are there any solutions out there that will scan the database and correct the src paths and add the correct tags to convert inline PhotoPost images to Gallery 5? Thanks!
  8. Embedding Gallery photos in posts

    Brandon! You guys did an awesome job on this. Huge huge improvement. I can finally migrate our site :)
  9. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: VigLink

    I'd love to hear some VigLink success stories because for us the returns sucked, and we've done pretty well monetizing our site. The worst part of their service is they track every click leaving your site, whether it is affiliate or not. So they gain a lot of analytics insight that I suspect they could sell. Sorry just not a fan of this Google back venture.
  10. IP Gallery - It's driven us away from IPS to the competition

    I think the gallery usability is part of a much bigger discussion. Forums are at war with every other distraction: iphone/smartphone apps, Facebook, Twitter, fear of losing your job, you name it. As web technology and design has taken off, visitors have a much higher expectation of usability and what is cool. Whenever we get feedback it's often "it would be cool if you could do X like {insert Facebook, Instagram, Flikr}". I read a lot of stories about dying forums, and I'm thankful that our traffic has not decreased and the quality of our postings have increased, but we do have less posts then the past and I'm very mindful of the fact that I am competing for people's precious time. They don't want to be spending that time trying to figure out how to get a photo in their post; they either won't do it or do it somewhere else. In a recent survey on my site 63% people said they do not use the gallery because other services are easier. 90% said they would use the gallery more if it was improved, with 30% saying they would use it over other services. 63% of people say they don't add photo metadata because they are lazy or in a rush, while 93% said if it were super easy to go back and add that data they would at least consider it. Sorry for the thread creep but I thought it would add to the conversation.
  11. IP Gallery - It's driven us away from IPS to the competition

    Thumbnails are great but image attachments are worthless outside of the thread; you need to have them in the Gallery to maximize their value. I agree that having the ability to upload photos into the Gallery from the thread itself would be a huge improvement. There was an interesting interview on of Ben Huh, Founder of the Cheezeburger network. One thing he said that really stuck out in my mind is that you have to create things that are super easy to use and then filter the best content generated out of that. I think the problem with the current implementation is that you want people to add photos into the Gallery, but they have to leave their post to do that, so in a lot of cases they either just add them as attachments or give up. It would be much better if they could do that inside of a modal in their post and then subsequently add the Gallery photos to their posts. And as I posted in previous thread having full width divs for an image attachment is poor use of space. Being able to have the meta data below and wrap the post text align left or right like you can in wordpress would allow users to have more formatting control and better presentation of their info. If someone is going to take the time to post a long story with photos on my site I want to give them maximum ability to format their post and have them actually look great.
  12. Embedding Gallery photos in posts

    This might be more appropriate in the Board forum, so feel free to move it. I haven't seen many comments about this but the way photos are embedded in a post absolutely drives me bananas. I think the large div housing a small thumbnail is kind of tacky for a lack of a better term, but more importantly the images when clicked should come up in a lightbox versus going to the gallery page. Our forum is very very photo intensive and a user having to click through to a page to view every photo would drive them mad. This is probably one of the biggest things holding me back from migrating our board from another forum product, and yes I already hold an IPB license :)
  13. River Rafting in Golden 2

    From the album Random Photos

    River Rafting in Golden, BC
  14. River Rafting in Golden

    From the album Random Photos

    River Rafting in Golden, BC