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  1. Chestnut ( 4.0+

    Version 1.0.3



  2. Tomorrow/Day after tomorrow.WJujBqk.jpg

  3. Mono (

    Version 1.0.7


    Mono is a mix of dark-light colors. It seems to be very "warm" kind of theme so it's excellent for every kind of communities. Look our demo and send us a feedback. Mono theme Because of that it's the first ipbfangorn skin for IP.Board 4.0 (before actualization of our currents skins), the price is low cause only 15$. It's gold edition for us so don't hesitate to buy one! : > Mono skin is a skin with an interesting composition of colors. There are three dominating colors: grey, cyan and white. Skin looks very proffessional and it's kind to your eyes. Package contains 4 tutorials but I'll answer to all of your questions in support topic. Watch skin demo here - You can use demo account: Login: Password: demo Mono wasn't designed for IP.Blog, IP.Nexus, IP.Downloads, IP.Chat, IP.Gallery yet. It'll works with them fine but there may be some white blocks/colors which aren't part of Mono code.  


  4. When are the support forums coming back?

  5. The web was closed because main page of was upgraded to 4.0. Unfortunately, there were a lot of useful informations about using of 4.0 for example - how to work with a designer mode etc. Where we can find these informations again? New topics? New questions?
  6. Chestnut - IPBFangorn 4.0+

    Hey, it was fixed :)
  7. Chestnut - IPBFangorn 4.0+

    Version 2.0.3



  8. 4.0 - IP.Downloads Submission

    It looks very pretty and elegant. Well done, really great.
  9. Version


    NOTE: At you may buy Compact for 25$ Compact was created by inspired of new technologies and trends. His name is Compact, because he has all what we need and it all is comfortable hidden. Skin perfect for all, but now is a bit more gentle to the eye. Smooth click to top page, sliding sidebar menu with all informations, default topic view, slider and beautiful profile background modification.] Compact has a lot of included modifications such as new topic icon generate system or profile background view. Additionality the skin is full integraded with Nivo Slider..             Compact great works with all resolutions (1024x768 and <) and IPS applications. Check demo and buy at     Compatible with: [*]IPB 3.4.x [*]IP.Gallery 5.x [*]IP.Nexus 1.5.x [*]IP.Blog 2.6.x [*]IP.Calendar 3.3.x [*]IP.Chat 1.4.x [*]IP.Content 2.3.x [*]IP.Downloads 2.5.x  


  10. Convert to IPS Promotion

    It's a good way to take more customers. Good job, where you must care about futured customers too. I have a lot of ideas about IP.Boarf 4 themes, so I still try to find some informations about the release. I'm happy that I have find a few sentences about it. Greetings
  11. GreenLight

    Nice idea for skin : )
  12. Esmona - IPBFangorn (discount to v4.0 release)

    Addition to that ESMONA - Last Updated: Sep 01 2013 07:44 PM (here and on Your problem shoud be fixed but you didn't downloaded the lates release of Esmona. I have informed all about new Esmona version in Esmona topic. The problem that concerns us is communication.
  13. Esmona - IPBFangorn (discount to v4.0 release)

    I told you that you should create a topic in Client Area forums, where we all can read our problems and advices. Support on my site (support from IP.Nexus modification) it's only for Sales category. You know that right? Before writing a request you see the category, only one category - Sales where members should report problems with purchase. I give you access to Client Area forums where you can report your problems with skin which was purchased. We have to follow certain rules to keep order. 
  14. Aktolia - IPBFangorn (discount to v4.0 release)

    I'm glad that I can help you! : )
  15. Esmona - IPBFangorn (discount to v4.0 release)

    Dermot... ; ) I said that i will help you with all your problems when you will create appropriate topic. I'm still waiting for this. Skins are created to be compatible with all default/basic plugins/modifications. Other problems you can resolve by asking to me.