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  1. Demo Board?

    Hi I have a current license, and list my modifications on the Marketplace.. I was wondering if I'm covered for a demo website (I need two one 3.1 and one 3.2)? I know we are allowed a Test website, but are we allowed to point people to it to demo the modifications we list?
  2. Google Adsense - One Click Optimizer for Forums

    Yes ive mad a start but it will be a while before its ready....
  3. [Feature-Request] Pay directly to members paypal

    Agreed at the moment even excluding the risk it's still a big head ache in terms of time and also I could see it quite easily been abused for Money Laundering (effectivly a group of individuals could treat you like a bank)
  4. [Feature-Request] Pay directly to members paypal

    Ideally it would go Party A buys $100 widget from Party B Forum gets commision Party B gets $100 less commision Party A can now download The thing that concerns me is the forum takes the risk of holding the money for party B, before party B then decides to request a 'pay out'
  5. Not to sure where to ask for this but.... I think I've found the right place... I bought Nexus and Downloads in order to get them working together, and utilize paid downloads.... but for some reason I see that once member x has bought something from member y, member y gets that as 'credit' that I then have to pay using my paypal account... To me this seems over complicated.... why not just send the money directly to the member? (if I can do that currently how) With the current system, it would be entirely possible to be utilized for money laundering and also puts additional overheads on me (paypal fee's, time/effort).
  6. [HQ] Stats HQ