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  1. Tag auto-completion for 3.2

    Did this happen, or anyone come up with a solution? Thank you
  2. What do you think of 3.2?

    Generally they seem to love it. As do I.
  3. I hope this is in the "right" section. (Please move if another is better of course) Converting my ubb forums over to ipboard was always something that "worried" me. Anyway I just want to say thank you to Alex and his colleagues after they have put a lot of effort into getting my conversion done from ubbthreads. There were a few puzzlers going on, but they have (fingers crossed) solved them all and the conversion has been done brilliantly. They have always been very fast, friendly and very willing to look into things properly. $120 very well spent if you ask me. Great job. Thank you very much!
  4. Suggestion: Improve Flash Uploader Settings in ACP

    Fabulous idea and necessary. Please please do it! :)
  5. Considering transferring to IPS

    Thanks. I'll let you know. :)
  6. Considering transferring to IPS

    My conversion going ahead tonight! Hopefully smoothly. Support so far has been very responsive and helpful. Good luck.
  7. What do you think of 3.2?

    I have yet to find out what my members think of it. I think they will be pretty shocked at first, coming from ubbthreads 7.5, but I am sure they will come round to thinking it is a massive improvement.
  8. Lost Sale - Constructive Criticism

    Out of interest, what do you wish ipb had by default? Lots of things do get unanswered on the Forums (plus, I ask too much!) but I have been very happy with support via ticket.
  9. Thread rating in listing

    If we can do this with some editing, can someone tell us exactly how?
  10. Nearly there!

  11. A couple of suggestions for tags

    Count me in too.
  12. Tags on Board Index Hook Suggestion

    Deinitely needed aling with a seperate page showing all tags. Anyone? ;)
  13. Suggestion for IPB 3.2... Global Sidebars

    Is this safe to run on 3.2 as well? Thanks
  14. Can't wait to move over from threads

  15. Windows server recommendations

    They look a bit expensive. I am ideally looking for something coming in under $100 a month. Quality VPS I suppose.