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  1. Thanks. I looked for this (almost) everywhere
  2. I really, really, really would like to be able to legally run a test copy of my forums on a non-public accessible location to test upgrades and such.Just yesterday I made a copy of my rather large database and wanted to run a test upgrade from 3.4 to 4.x and found out that is simply not possible.There is a number of problems I could run into while converting and trying this first on a copy of my community is really required!Please make this available for license holders!!
  3. New version of standalone utf8-converter

    On my rather large database the old one is no good eigther. Can't wait!
  4. Quiz System

    I have purchased this add-on on the 25th of march 2014. Just after creating the first quiz (a timed quiz) I did some quick testing and it seemed to work.   I then send the quiz to my 20.000+ members via bulk mail and a few hundred people made it. After that I found out that the results where not being counted correctly so I had no way of finding out who where the 'winners'.   I asked Mikey for support and really slowly but surely there was some support, but after a few weeks it went very quit and the problem remained unsolved. I have asked him 2 times when I was to expect the problem being addressd again, the 1st time I got a response, but after that I have never heard from him anymore. I looked like a nice add-on but all I got for it was $15 and loads of time wasted.   No more purchases from this person for me!
  5. Xgame

    I purchased this skin, but I wish I wouldn't have. It looks extremely bad on mobile devices like the iPad.   I hope there will be an update that fixes these issues.
  6. (M34) Donation Tracker

    If you start supporting iDeal, I'm in ;)   http://www.ideal.nl/banken/?lang=eng-GB
  7. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    Are you serious?
  8. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    My point exactly. That's why is am saying IPS is much to passive about this.
  9. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    The ONLY differnce with the EU directive is that the directive states you have to inform before writing the cookie(s), and Dutch law says you have to specifically ask for permission before writing the cookie(s). In both cases the cookies may only be written after the visitors action. Not before. This is in writing so I dont understand how you can interpretate this in different ways. On most websites that means you would have to replace the index and implement 'leave' or 'approve all cookies' buttons if you want to comply. A simple website statistics tool writes a tracking cookie. Facebook, twitter..they all do.. Nobody says IPS is RESPONSIBLE. I don't say they are! They just shouldn't be sitting on their hands, but assist any way they can on order to help their customers. That's called proactive SERVICE/SUPPORT! A simple blog post suggesting a few different ways to help customers to comply to this law would be sufficient. Apparently that is to much to ask for IPS. For now my last post on the subject. Please leave the topic in place. When we get a fine or written warning, I would like to give this topic a bump. Kind regards, Michel
  10. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    I get it. No help from IPS. Thanks. Just keep blaming it on a unclear law. When we get a fine, I'll get back to you to thank you again.
  11. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    Sure it's final. Sure you can get large fines. read this (if you can read Dutch): http://www.klantenservicefederatie.nl/download_file/view/267/396/ This (legal, officially issued) document is 100% clear.
  12. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    That's not true. I have written before that we have to ask for explicit permission before any tracking cookie is written to the visitor. Since most IP.Board websites use adsense, google analytics, gravater, faccebook, twitter, google+ etc. I see only one option and that is to give a 'accept' or 'leave this website' option. But that has to be crawler and bot-fiendly, store the users choice and if possible blur the website. Example (major Dutch website): http://www.fok.nl/
  13. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    That's not what this is about. This is about IPS taking a more proactive approach. Fact: - There is a law for EU countries - Many IPS customers have to act upon this law - Many customers don't know how to do this (in combination with the IP.community software) Then you can put your head in the sand, claim it is legally not your problem, blame the law for being unclear about what you have to do..... and so on...and so on.... Or..... You could blog something on your website helping your customers to (try) to comply to this law that has impact on a large base of IPS customers. IPS's choice is now 100% clear to me: The non-active approach..... which is sadly quit common for US based companies. They worry more about legal implications then their own customers.
  14. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    To me it's very clear what needs done to comply. As soon as we get the fine, I can tell you how much is was and what needs done to make sure we don't get any further fines. ;) All I am asking is for IPS to show a little more proactive behavior towards a large portion of their customers. No customers no IPS.
  15. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    Sorry, I really can't. I can not figure out how to comply to this law since I don't know how to implement a banner in my IP.community setup that does not execute any cookie of javascript until the user has approved the site uses cookies. I was hoping IPS would understand that a lot of their customers need help implementing such a banner in IP.Board....but...... I guess not. A simple blog post with some examples would have been sufficient... I remain a little disappointed.