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  1. This record has been viewed 1544 times

    You can see the number of views of a database record, just use this. $data['record']['record_views']
  2. Setting timezone.

    I assume you mean this in your ACP System Settings > Advanced > Date, Time and Number Formats > Native Server Time
  3. Add support for Google+ Sign-In

    It's not built in but this works well
  4. Have you asked your host? I can get a free ENOM reseller account from my host if I wanted to.
  5. Additional pay gateways needed

    It's not only for US sites, they are in the UK as well
  6. is down?

    As mentioned in the other topic, the site is under a DDOS currently and it's being mitigated.
  7. ACP - Tools & Settings - Question & Answer Challengs There's a button at the top that says Add New Question, click on that and add your new question.
  8. Request: Twitter hashtags

    Clicking the tweet button at the bottom of this post opens up twitter in a new browser tab. I can enter any hashtags there if I want to.
  9. Request: Twitter hashtags

    In the Twitter connect settings theres a Twitter Default Hashtag option, I assume what you enter there will be added to any tweets. ACP - System Settings - System - Social Media & Sharing.
  10. IP.Suite 4.0 Suggestions

    Neowin have something like this already. You can mark any forum as a favourite, once marked it will appear in a Favourite's category at the top of the board. Any board within that category can also be moved up & down.
  11. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Anti-spam Enhancements

    [quote name="Ocean West" time="1353445860"]so keyCaptcha is a paid Service? During sign up and implementation was no mention about fees or pricing.   and the hook doesn't work with beta 5
  12. Compatibility IP.Board 3.3.4 with IP.Nexus 1.5.4

    Nexus 1.5.4 works perfectly with IP.Board 3.3.4, also content 2.3.3 works as I use it myself.
  13. IP.Board 3.4 Coming Soon

    See comment above yours.
  14. Change Custom Profile Field "MSN" for "Email"

    Announced on the Skype blog yesterday
  15. Donations sidebar hook

    At the moment the sidebar hook only shows the title of you donation goal. It would be nice if the description you enter also showed in the block, I know it shows in the Client area but I would like it in the block as well.