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  1. 4.0 - use Twitter Bootstrap for the layout

    I very much doubt IPB developers can create a better framework than Twitter. The benefit of Twitter Bootstrap is that because it's so popular there is a lot of support for it - many templates already exist that give a unique look and feel plus the design is very intuitive which allows people to make adjustments and modifications very easily. It is a rock solid framework that works brilliantly across all modern web browsers and devices.
  2. Twitter Bootstrap is quickly becoming the defaco standard for HTML5 design. 4.0 should fully embrace this and only add extra custom CSS where it's totally necessary. The major advantage here is we can fully customise our layout with straightforward CSS only and not having to make any complicated template edits.
  3. This way certain support/Q&A forums can be configured to hide answered posts (with the "best answer" feature) without locking them or moving those topics to a different archive/answered section. [Originally posted as a bug report]
  4. IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Advertisement Enhancements

    Instead of a circulation mode could you add an option to stack banners if there are multiple ads per location?
  5. PayPal Encrypted Website Payments Could this please be supported in the default PayPal payment gateway?