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  1. Browsing Members / Members who posted in this topic

    I also get this same error. Is there a fix?
  2. Best way to mass tag a group?

    Yeah. Too bad. I'd even pay the $35 or whatever you charged for it. 
  3. Ckeditor or Textarea for mobile?

    Thank you. I know I quoted that timeframe to my members before but had forgotten where I saw it.
  4. Ckeditor or Textarea for mobile?

    Can the editor please get some love in a release sooner rather than later?
  5. Best way to mass tag a group?

    If you can get it to where it converts @names to tags when submitted I'd buy it immediately just for that.
  6. Best way to mass tag a group?

    I created a mod request: I doubt this is something that gets addressed by IPS with everything else they're working on. The editor is the number one issue right now for my community. The constant topics and PMs to me complaining about it are becoming overwhelming. 
  7. Best way to mass tag a group?

    I would love to know simply because it's annoying that you have to wait on it to pop up so most people's tags aren't working.
  8. Auto detect mentions

    I was going to post the same thing. Would be great if it did the same for images, too. Nothing happens when it is posted. You have to let it do its thing before submitting.
  9. Post\reply editor sucks big time

    I have people stating that they are going to stop posting until the editor is fixed.Side note, is there any way to disable auto saving in the config  file when someone abandons a post?
  10. Can IPS please improve the text editor on mobile?

    Any updates on this? I'm getting about one complaint a day about the editor.
  11. Ckeditor: Force to paste as plain text

     Is there a way to disable autosaving? One of my members' biggest complaints is the fact that they'll start a message, change their mind. It causes some frustration when it's a quote since those are hard to delete on some devices. 
  12. The new IPS4 is Amazing

    I wasn't harping. Was just adding to the praise with a caveat. :)
  13. The new IPS4 is Amazing

    Other than some issues while upgrading, the reactions from my active and decently sized message board have been very positive other than the editor. 
  14. online users

    So, that works. 
  15. online users

    Last try. I've added php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 36000 to my .htaccess file. Up to over three hours now in the count. Will update tomorrow to say whether or not it worked overnight.