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  1. Your customization of CSS3 Mega Drop Down Menu is little short of brilliant. Interested in sharing how you added the feeds into the menu at

  2. Online/Offline Icon?

    Nevermind, figured it out This worked:<if test="cardOnline:|:$post['author']['_online']"> <span>your online stuff</span> <else /> <span>your offline stuff</span> </if>
  3. Online/Offline Icon?

    May you point out where this code is located in the default skin so I can activate it without using hook? I tried this, but it won't work because $members variable isn't on topic view template?<if test="cardOnline:|:$members['_online']"> <span>your online stuff</span> <else /> <span>your offline stuff</span> </if>
  4. IE9 Bold Fonts (Too Bold) Hard To Read For You?

    Thank you for the replies, I will try these options to see if fix and let you know :)
  5. It seems that ANY font set to bold in IE9 is "too bold" and hard to read. Is this an issue with my browser only, or do you notice the same thing? The problem really seems to stand out when using a white font on a dark background, such as a header. It's frustrating... even using like a size 13 arial with bold font weight looks bad... I don't want to be forced to use font-weight: normal on H1/H2/H3/H4 headers :( Any suggestions?
  6. THANK YOU for .ipsLayout

    Glad to help ;)
  7. I want to allow guests to post comments and new forum topics in certain forums...but I can't allow it because there is no "Question & Answer" challenge available for posting/commenting as guests... I'm afraid the spam will be too much. (ReCapcha doesn't stop them) I wish they would add Question & Answer Challenge for Guests posts/comments
  8. THANK YOU for .ipsLayout

    Here is an example... I wanted to add a right sidebar to my Topic View, so that when people browse topics in the forums they see my sidebar content. By default, there is no sidebar on topics. You have to add these DIV with the desired CSS Class to your related template. ACP > Look & Feel > Templates > Topic View > TopicViewTemplateI added this:Put this BELOW the stuff that should stay at the top, above the sidebar <div class='ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_largeright'> <div class='ipsLayout_right'>Your sidebar content goes here </div>The rest of your page, THAT YOU WANT ABOVE THE FOOTER content goes here (topics etc.) </div>Footer stuff here You can change the desired width etc inside ipb_styles.css
  9. Tags?

    With the current tag system in 3.2 you can browse your forums and put a check mark next to the topic you want to add tags to, then add tags to those topics using a custom multi-topic moderation add. This would take ages on a large pre-existing forum lol. The bad part is, you can't add a multi-topic moderation shortcut to add tags via search results...even if those search results are limited to a specific forum. So yeah... major set backs.
  10. For some reason, my localhost stats are completely different, and I have the exact code on localhost as my main website:Localhost Board Index:Time Now: Aug 01 2011 01:51 AM Last Visit: Today, 12:07 AM Exec. Time: 0.0494 Load: --% Queries: 8 queries Gzip: GZIP EnabledMy Website Board Index:Time Now: Jul 31 2011 07:37 PM Last Visit: Today, 07:34 PM Exec. Time: 0.1671 Load: -- Queries: 30 queries Gzip: GZIP Enabled
  11. On my board index:Time Now: Jul 31 2011 07:37 PM Last Visit: Today, 07:34 PM Exec. Time: 0.1671 Load: -- Queries: 30 queries Gzip: GZIP Enabled I have 5 sidebar blocks, and 3 menu blocks (dynamic menu) I am not to savvy on this database query stuff, are my stats good or bad?
  12. Global sidebar - when can we expect it?

    You can easily make a global sidebar in IP.Content feed blocks. I have global sidebars on my IPB 3.2 site and it works just fine.For example: - Make some feed blocks you want via IP.Content (ie: Recent Topics, Recent Blog Entries, Recent Images, New Members, Recent Status Updates). - Add a div with the right sidebar CSS class onto the page templates you want the sidebar to appear on (Gallery, Members, Topics, Board Index, Blogs, Content, etc.) - Paste 1 line of code that each feed block gives you Want to add other custom widgets, advertisements, etc. to your global sidebar? - Make custom blocks via IP.Content and put your html, php, java, etc. in your custom block and then just paste the 1 line of code that each custom block gives youGlobal Sidebar code example: <div class='ipsLayout_right'> {parse block="my_custom_advertisement"} {parse block="my_custom_widget"} {parse block="recent_forum_topics"} {parse block="recent_blog_entries"} {parse block="my_custom_html_php_java_thing"} {parse block="recent_gallery_images"} {parse block="new_members"} {parse block="recent_status_updates"} {parse block="my_custom_advertisement_2"} </div> Now, my sidebar has 5 feed blocks, 2 custom advertisements, 1 custom widget, etc. on it and it will work globally on all your IP applications and pages. Just paste that code into the desired page template and update the CSS class of the main wrapper so that it accounts for the sidebar being there.
  13. Suggestion: Improve Flash Uploader Settings in ACP

    Another person who posted an issue:
  14. Currently, in the ACP there is a setting Allow members to use flash uploader located in Topics, Posts and Polls. Even after selecting "Yes" to this option, it does not change the default uploader to the Flash Uploader. In addition to this, there is NO option in the Gallery 4.1 to switch between uploader types; causing major confusion. In regard to the Gallery, the only way a user can enable the flash uploader is to (1) request admin to change their setting in ACP user profile or (2) start a new forum topic and select "Use Flash Uploader" to save the setting that carries over to the gallery uploader setting. With the current design, I will have to write a pinned topic/announcement to explain this to members, or I will have to manually change each new user who registers to use the flash uploader via ACP I would like to suggest that this Flash Uploader setting be improved in the ACP:Example: ACP > Gallery > System SettingsAllow Members To Use Flash Uploader: (1) Yes (2) NoChoose Default Uploader: (If Flash Uploader is allowed) (1) Flash Uploader (2) Standard UploaderExample 2: ACP > Member Groups > Manage Member Groups > Global (So it will apply to all applications)Allow Members To Use Flash Uploader: (1) Yes (2) NoChoose Default Uploader: (If Flash Uploader is allowed) (1) Flash Uploader (2) Standard UploaderI think Example #2 would be the best design to improve this system. This would allow uploader settings per member group and would easily make the changes globally to all applications. Please see these related forum topics for people that are confused and experiencing issues with the current Flash Uploader settings/design: