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  1. Steve00

    Steve was great to work with. I needed my skin upgraded to work with 4.0.x and he quoted me a price that worked with my budget. Didn't rush things and was always patient allowing me to thoroughly test the skin. He explained any issues and was quick to fix any bugs i encountered. Would recommend to anyone needing skin upgrades. Thanks!
  2. I beleive that would be a dtep in a good direction, just being able to easilly disable the board such as turning it offline but still allowing users to view the content as long as the database were to remain online.
  3. How can i globally disable logins ? Even with no users logged in though won't the database still be updating some of the statisrtics tables reguardless ? Same with enabling/disabling posting is there a way to do this globally without having to disable it in each section ?
  4. Hello, I know IP.Board has the Board online and offline setting where i am able to turn the entire suite online and offline for specific groups which is great for somethings, but im suggesting that we should also be able to place the suite in Read only Mode. Read only mode would be for instances where you need to disable new content from the site without disable access to it. A great example would be for migrating servers, where you would not want any new content coming into the database but still be able to read from it to display current content. Thus being able to turn read only mode on tell IPB to use the database on Server A, Move everything from Server A to Server B, mirror the database onto Server B, tell IPB to now use database on Server B, Domain Change + DNS Propagation, Disable Read only mode, now back online on new server without any real downtime at all. But that's just one example this could be added on to Board Online/Offline or better yet have IPB have a maintenance mode. Of course when the database is actually off this wouldn't work but it's for instances when you know he database would be online. I understand that sessions and a whole lot of other things that are storred in the table also would not be able to function such as notifications, logging in, etc... But even forcing all users to log out or make it so that anyone viewing would be viewing as a guest would suffice. Cause i still thinkhaving your content viewable is better then being offline. Though depending on how this would be implemented i think to enable and disable you would have to manually edit the global config file cause once it's enabled the Admin would no longer be able to log in. Would anyone see a use for this ?
  5. Nginx Rewrite rules for IPB 3.0

    I know this is an old thread but my question pertains to this subject. Does fURL's work nativly when using nginx as a reverse proxy for Apache or are extra rewutre rules still required? I don't plan on using standalone nginx but nginx admin for cpanel.
  6. Shoutbox - Official Support

    I find that the shoutbox can be very stable even with a lot of traffic. You just have to do some regular maintanece such as pruning your old shouts and disabling Archinving which really seems to help. Then again im still using 1.3.3 which pulls the "total shouts" value from the amount of rows so if you prune shouts your total shouts number will go down (Don't think this is an issue with latest version). Also iv never used it on a shared host and i can definitely understand where you would run into issues from them telling you your using too much resources, but if you have the adequest resoucres it works very well. Im just not going to upgrade yet cause im not exacvtly sure how MySQL will handle trying to sift through the shoutbox table while updating.
  7. Shoutbox - Official Support

    True, but my priority is not post creation it's community involvment reguardless on what part of the site. :thumbsup: High post count and member count will go up on their own with a big community.
  8. Shoutbox - Official Support

    I don't think IPS would pick this up for a number of reasons but the main ones in my opinion would be because it's resoucrse intensive and they already have IP.Chat. Also agree that it probably won't be used on many buniness releated sites, though in saying that you could use it as just a news feed like it was setup on Jlogica. But it's an absolute must in my opinion for community or social oriented websites (as long as you setup some premissions to not allow new users to use it and abuse it). My community has racked up over 1'500'000 shouts since i installed this a year and a half ago, definitely glad i did :)
  9. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Purchased and 5 starred :) Not sure why all the hate is going around, i won't be upgrading for a while but purchased this now cause it's a awesome application that my community is always using, benefit the code to support new features and paid support and the 50% discount was just a plus.   Great APP!!
  10. Auto Upload from Image Tag

    I have PM'ed Alex to see if there was ever an updated version made. It would be a good option to allow it to either start using the images directly after the script re uploads it to the server or continue to serve the image from the hotlinks URL. Would be good for people who do not an excess of resources available to them. I can see this also helping with SEO a bit and having images come up in image searches more often as well from your board.
  11. Auto Upload from Image Tag

    Thanks for the info and the link, im fine with bandwidth and space usages going up as i have plenty of both. But i agree it would have to make sure that the image it would be re uploading does not come from within the gallery.
  12. Auto Upload from Image Tag

    Exactly, looking back on some topics in my forum that were great years ago can not not even be gone back to for any new people to gain information as all the images have been removed from where ever.
  13. Auto Upload from Image Tag

    Hello, I do not know if there is an addon for this already but i could not find one in the Resources. Im not sure if this would be a feature needed or even wanted by many people. But the idea would be that the system would upload any image a user would post in an image tag and place it with the rest of the uploads. Iv noticed that over time some users images get over bandwidth errors or just get deleted from where ever they were hot linked from. It does not have to be instance, even if it was a cron or something that would do it daily. Is there something like this that already exists ? Thanks for reading any anyone input :)
  14. Hello, I know this is already a feature when posting as if a users posts while you are creating your post you get a message that informed you that someone else has posted. I would like this also to be implemented into the messaging system. Such as when in a PM Conversation with more then just 2 users i think it would be a good idea to also show the message that there is a new reply to the PM before making your reply. Thanks 343i
  15. [IF] IPB Shoutbox