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  4. "Gift Subscriptions" with IP.Nexus?

    That's correct, Happenen. This feature has contributed to much of the revenue generated by user subscriptions on my site.
  5. Is it hard to convert XenForo to IPB?

    Would you care to expand on why you've decided to drop XF?
  6. Premium subscriptions, gifted to other users, are surprisingly popular among my community and enables my forum subscription service to bring in significant additional revenue. It's currently enabled on my forum with an aging vBulletin plugin, but I'm considering switching to IP.Board and IP.Nexus and was curious to know if such a feature/plugin exists or, if not, how difficult it would be to modify the software myself to enable this functionality?
  7. My blog runs on WordPress, and I'm considering moving my comment system over to Disqus. Have there been any efforts to integrate Disqus with an IP.Board user database, perhaps with IP.Converge, via Disqus' Single-Sign On API?
  8. Notifications Preferences: 'Check All' Box

    Oh, I see. In my case, I'd be importing users from a vBulletin 3.8 database. Would they lose their default email thread notification settings, or are those imported as expected?
  9. Notifications Preferences: 'Check All' Box

    Ah, OK, interesting - thanks. I suppose that's something a few quick direct SQL queries could take care of.
  10. Notifications Preferences: 'Check All' Box

    I was just exploring the notification system myself and came across this issue. Can notification preferences be set for everyone by default? As a user, I'd expect to be "notified" of everything by default, then throttle back notifications I find I don't want.
  11. Just noticed my account was ignoring a user who I don't know, and don't remember ignoring. Any ideas on what's up with that?

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    2. DeltaHF


      Maybe so, but frankly, I'm not even sure how to do that.

    3. Shadow82x


      You could of mis-clicked the "X" next to the members signature.

    4. DeltaHF


      Thanks, Shadow. I thought that only ignored signatures, though?

  12. Testing status updates.