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  1. Invalid emails on members accounts

    This has become a huge problem on my board.. Fixing this would really help
  2. My 4.0 IP.Content Wishlist

    Opps didn't read the topic title properly ...My bad
  3. My 4.0 IP.Content Wishlist

    I would like to see the Classified App as part of the IPB 4.0
  4. Classifieds

    Sent a PM to Andy for support with some issues and have been waiting 5 days now for a response, Had to ask another developer for help with this app
  5. can work as classifieds ?

    Classifieds is a great app and works with Nexus... You can setup the amount that people can pay to post a classified ad (say $1 per ad) or set it to the percentage of the price they are selling it for or have it for free The version of classifieds is updated to work with the latest version of IPS I use it and it works great Van
  6. what 3rd party apps are not allowed on your hosting?
  7. IPChat needs work...

    to be honest.. I am not a fan of IP Chat
  8. Friends Online

    Great mod and outstanding support, Thank you
  9. IPB with wordpress

    good question, i would like to know as well
  10. Links preview (mShots)

    Great mod, Thank you and also thank you for keeping it FREE
  11. Member ID on Profiles

    great mod.. Thank you
  12. Can ya link me to this mod please
  13. on a side note facebook hit 1 billion members today I would just like to see more content in the profiles, I use Mods like... song in profile, You tube in video in profile, Signature in profile, A new status update in profile, Also the mod that shows how many freinds. likes, gallery images and so on The main one i would like to see is the option to have more photo's in profile, rate your friends with comments, some fun stuff like that. I'm sure the guys at IPS can brain storm and come up with some great ideas I do like the idea of adding better feature in the members list. Like a search like the one in admin I would also like to see adding a group leader for groups on my board. I would like to see the option where i can pick any member to run the group, The group leader being able to add new members and remove members from the group (like PHPBB), At this time my group leader has to pm me to do these actions, Which is a pain in the butt.
  14. I just want to make this point, i have over 11,000 members on one of my site and when i upgraded from 3.2 to 3.3 not one of my members noticed anything different to the site, except my mods, They were not happy with the changes, I get over 250 new threads per day and a lot of members use the bump feature and we figured out that using the approve, un-approve buttons would un-bump a topic.. This was removed in 3.3. and now we have hide and un-hide and my staff do not like it, They are also not happy with the changes with the new warn panel. Now i am reading about the changes coming in 3.4 and again this is admin based, Which is great, i like the improvements But the point of this thread was to make improvements to the profiles, I find them boring and in need of some serious updates, The best part of the profiles is the add-ons i have added to try and make them more user friendly.and fun I just think we need to get back to making the board better for the users, because without them we don't have community's