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  1. Simplify smilies

    Hi, The current system seems way to complicated, it either has the be a .xml pack to upload a group at a time or individual .png which takes a while given how many smilies you have. I think it should be simplified to where you upload them as a .png group and edit their 'activators'(:hi: etc.) from there.
  2. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    I'm loving every bit of Lion, however in the beginning after the install I went to empty my trash and it was buggy and glitchy and refused to empty. After a day it oddly worked fine, which is good. Anyone who is on the fence about upgrading, I would recommend it for sure.
  3. 3.2 Is great, so far :)

  4. I wonder who this is? :P

  5. Team leader?

    Yes, I'm aware I can do that. However what I'm talking about is allowing a user or more to be selected to 'run' the group such as add/remove members and administrate the group at a lower level.
  6. Team leader?

    Not quite, thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. 3.2 Posting Options - Post as DRAFT

    I would love to see this implemented. Hopefully in 3.2
  8. Team leader?

    I think adding a Team leader(s) option to groups would be a nice addition to IPB. Add remove users without the pain of contacting an admin and such :)
  9. IPB Gone Quite?

    Nice, coming along great :)
  10. Make announcements posts

    Hi, I think that the announcement system is great already, don't get me wrong, but I think that a small feature addition may make it better. The addition of an option when making it that allows people to reply to the announcement or not and count it as a post/topic. I think it would be great, other thoughts?
  11. please add the bump button in 3.2

    This is better suited as a hook, why make a feature out of a not widely used function?
  12. Debating on using 3.2 on my site... it's so awesome :D

    1. onlyME


      do you use beta 1 for your live site?

    2. Van2


      agree, One serious problem is IE9 will not allow sign in

  13. Seeing that you either have to create an identical admin group or do it individual(which can be a pain sometimes), I think that adding your permission sets function to work as an ACP only function would be a great idea. That way you can create a set, lets say, Full Admin and Basic Admin. You can then edit the permissions with the easier setup and assign those admin permissions to users and it makes for an easier job if you have many groups accessing it and you want different access levels. -Austin
  14. IPB is great, nice step up from MyBB

    1. xChris777


      It is amazing, is it not?

    2. media
    3. Jeuhen


      I congratulate you!