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  1. Youtube media tag

    I can't get this working either. I paste into a post and it shows the link (not even as a link). I have Automatically Parse set to Yes and YouTube is enabled in my Media Tags. Any ideas? Of course, it works here, lol!
  2. No plugins to run for: blog

    Hi folks, I've just installed IP.SEO 1.5.1 and it looks to be working, except I get the message "No plugins to run for: blog" (and similar for chat, gallery etc) in the Last Run view. Is this anything to worry about? It's created a sitemap okay, although a fairly small one. Regards, Mark
  3. Member Validation Info

    Thanks. I appreciate it. I had to go through 6 pages of members to find the one "red" one, as I can't see any way to filter it so I only see those requiring action.
  4. Member Validation Info

    Hi folks, I'm fairly new to IPB, so please forgive me if this FAQ (I've checked the documentation). I'm a little confused regarding the different Member Validation Info status. I have my forum set up so that I need to approve new members. However, when I get a notification on the Control Panel home page (I'm using 3.2), it takes me to the Member Management page and I understand I need to look for the "red" ones, as they require my action. Trouble is, I've got 12 pages of members requiring action, and all but 1 (in this case) are green, mostly with a status of "Lost Password". (There are probably so many as I imported data from a previous platform, so all members from that platform are requesting new passwords"). Do I need to take action on the "Lost Password" members? If not, how do I filter the page so I only see those requiring admin action? Thanks, Mark