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  1. One thing that's been driving myself and our members nuts is the inability to upload an image directly into a post (apart from the attach method, which nobody likes and which only generates a thumbnail). I know that's IPB related, rather than Gallery, but why not have a feature that lets you select a file from your local file system, uploads it directory into the posters gallery and also adds it the post? I've tried explaining that they can upload to the gallery, then go create a post and add it, but most of them rightly give up, saying (quite reasonably) that they should be able to upload directly, just like you can almost everywhere else on the Internet... And I'd have to agree with them that, if it needs explaining, there's something wrong. This would save a LOT of complaints on my site.
  2. Youtube media tag

    I can't get this working either. I paste into a post and it shows the link (not even as a link). I have Automatically Parse set to Yes and YouTube is enabled in my Media Tags. Any ideas? Of course, it works here, lol!
  3. No plugins to run for: blog

    Hi folks, I've just installed IP.SEO 1.5.1 and it looks to be working, except I get the message "No plugins to run for: blog" (and similar for chat, gallery etc) in the Last Run view. Is this anything to worry about? It's created a sitemap okay, although a fairly small one. Regards, Mark
  4. Member Validation Info

    Thanks. I appreciate it. I had to go through 6 pages of members to find the one "red" one, as I can't see any way to filter it so I only see those requiring action.
  5. Member Validation Info

    Hi folks, I'm fairly new to IPB, so please forgive me if this FAQ (I've checked the documentation). I'm a little confused regarding the different Member Validation Info status. I have my forum set up so that I need to approve new members. However, when I get a notification on the Control Panel home page (I'm using 3.2), it takes me to the Member Management page and I understand I need to look for the "red" ones, as they require my action. Trouble is, I've got 12 pages of members requiring action, and all but 1 (in this case) are green, mostly with a status of "Lost Password". (There are probably so many as I imported data from a previous platform, so all members from that platform are requesting new passwords"). Do I need to take action on the "Lost Password" members? If not, how do I filter the page so I only see those requiring admin action? Thanks, Mark