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  1. Cubic

    I think this has to be one of the best ever skins for IPB. clean, neat, lots of development and more important flexibility to customise easily Congrats to the designers here, keep up the work. Im sure many IPB backends will be wearing this skin
  2. Global Forum Message

    Brilliant hook, easy to use, easy integration - a must for all forums imo keep up the excellent work 
  3. wow thanks for all the info guys another question - topic rating, is that a built in function or is it a mod/hook that needs to be installed extra? How can i install/configure it in the demo board?
  4. Good point, didnt think of that.
  5. Hi All Firstly wow at this forum software.. im in the process of building 2 forums so i have a lot of questions to ask before buying my scenario - 1 webhost 2 domains 2 forums 1. Will i have to buy 2x IPboard, 2x IPNexus 2x IPBlog and 2x IPGallery 2xIPcontent? or is there a better option 2. for support etc, if after the first 6 months i dont renew is it easy to get the support again? 3. i read 3.2 is being built - any ETA? 4. Is there going to be a big enough difference between 3.14 and 3.2 that i will have to significantly re-work my site and modifications to make it work with the newer version 5. In general how difficult has it been for people to go from one version to another? and do all the mods/apps/hooks work when going from one version to the other? Detailed questions 1. For my site i would like 2x member subscriptions and 2x sponsor/advertisor subscriptions. Is it easy to do via IPNexus? In the demo, IPNexus looked more like an online store then providing a simple subscription facility for members. 2. in the site, where the user info shows next to their posts, I want it to show the User ID, Avatar, forum rank, subscription badge and Reputation bar on top of eachother. is that possible? 3. Is the formatting of the user info in posts easy to change. look and feel not just content 4. is the top header of the forum easily adjustable ie can i make its height more to fit a bigger pic and move around the search + login items etc 5. In the Demo i setup, i found it difficult to easily make changes to the css and styles. is there a different editor that enables realtime preview of changes like how SMF does it? 6. Are there good Google Map apps/mods to integrate into the IPB or IPContent 7. Does the Facebook and Twitter login integration bypass the forum login or do members still have to have a forum account that is linked to the facebook/twitter ID 8. Is lightbox a part of IPB or IPGallery? I know its a lot of questions(and i think i will have more) but if possible id like to get some answers and examples of sites too