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  1. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    lol okay I'll change the permissions so you can have a look and send you the url.
  2. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    Are you able to see the image above? This is how it shows when a user imputs information. Here's the image again: Here's another image:
  3. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    The problem is that it shows the url's twice and that the second one is the one that links. It should only show one url or user or w/e and that should be with a link.
  4. Facebook and Twitter to Profile

    Much appreciated for the tutorials. However I'm for some reason having a little issue here. (see pic)
  5. Minimum words/characters allowed in posts

    It's more along the lines of avoiding people saying "k" as an answer to a thread :P
  6. mybb to ipb

    Announcements Bad word filters Ban filters Custom BBCode Custom profile fields Emoticons Forum moderators Forum subscriptions Forums Friends Groups Ignored users Members 1Member Passwords Multi-moderation Permission sets Personal messages Polls Post attachments Posts Ranks Reports Topic ratings Topic subscriptions Topics Uploaded avatars/profile pictures Warn logs Taken from: http://www.invisionp...ite/convert.php - Click Mybb1.6 and it shows you everything :smile: So to sum up by answering your questions directly, it looks like it's a yes from all :)
  7. Suggestion: Next Step After Registration

    I think the 'To Do List' needs to be more like; 1. Add a profile picture 2. Make a forum post 3. Add a signature 4. Also just an FYI Paw it's "Per se" not "Per say" :P
  8. Stop the CAPTCHA Madness!

    Ahh thanks for giving some feedback to if it works etc :) Anyone know if the KeyCAPTCHA one works without issues?
  9. Stop the CAPTCHA Madness!

    Awesome cheers! :D
  10. Stop the CAPTCHA Madness!

    So is that actually possible to use with IPB?
  11. pre sales question

    Yes. You can setup a member group, place the paid customers in there and then give that group access to a forum.
  12. IPGallery

    Hi, Is it possible to set the gallery up so everytime an image is uploaded it automatically shares it with Facebook and Twitter?
  13. 24/7 Support

    Unfortunately support is rather slow or none over the weekends and you can obviously guess why.
  14. New feature idea

    http://community.inv...e-mentions-you/ Think I may have found what you're looking for.