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  1. Blue Lagoon

    5 stars for this wonderfull theme, very nice design, many features and options, a great support (you receive a response in some minutes!) I recommande it for all who are looking for very customizable style.
  2. sitemap.php whats is for

    i dont have the topics sitemap, its normal ?
  3. Beta 8 Upgrade Breaks All Themes

    having the same problem alos with rc2 ..
  4. blank page UTF8 convert

    i didnt understand !?i'd updated the conf_global.php by adding charset utf8
  5. blank page UTF8 convert

    Hello,i am tryng to convert my 600mb db since last day but i cant, when i convert it to utf8mb4 i get a blank page !i forgot some thing purhapse !? 
  6. Are they some plans about ipb 4 ?

    hi, i am thinking to create a new community web site, i'd seen vb connect, its seems to be revolutionary with its twice view (classic forum/topics view and last activity view (social!) i think i will purchase it or upgrade my vb4 licence wich i have from a while (before converting to ipb) hope ips will create a vb5 competitor community software
  7. Vbulletin to ip board

    hi, you dont appreciate the new vb5 edition ? looks good !
  8. when i export my forum rss forum topics to our facebook page i see many fans discuss the topics on the facebook page, they are not members on the board purhapse or they dont want to go to the board and log in and clic on reply and and and .. if there is an app for facebook fans will participate diretly to the forum and that will be very great ! hope IPS team pass here ..
  9. i am following this vbulletin apps, i think its a great improuvement of classic forum system, social network is at the heart of the web, 800m of users on facebook and 400m dailly connected on it is not nothing, i think that a similar or more greater apps for IPBoard will be so usefull for many many ips users. here are a presentation of this app : https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/entry.php/2490-vBulletin-Facebook-App-Social-Network-Overview
  10. Public french language for Classifieds app

    that work for the new version 1.2 ?
  11. Post Icons

    personnaly i like the way the posts are shown in the 3.2version, simple view without any icons should be more confortable for eyes :D