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  1. (WA41) Reputation on each page

    thanks for the hook, please use a local support topic on IPS website, you imagine we register in every editor website ! we get Code  2C138/B error when we click on the reputation, not enought permissions.  
  2. Of course they can, for posts its already possible to report, i believe non registred members can help moderators and admins ! For profiles i'd seen thats enabled for members only, i didnt find an option for guests !
  3. Interesting ! is it possible that guest or any member report another member ? as reporting content !
  4. Hello, Admin have the possibility to report members as spammer and thats just great, is it possible to activate this feature for guest ? The goal is that any persons who visit our website can report suspecious members.   thanks !
  5. Akeeba backup similar for IPS

    thanks ahmad,  
  6. Akeeba backup similar for IPS

    i just checked the script and looks easy to use, but it dosent backup the IPS files but only the DB ! Any way to automate root folder backup ?
  7. Akeeba backup similar for IPS

    thank you Man i will try to add the lines you mentionned in a bach file and tell you  
  8. Akeeba backup similar for IPS

    bash i do all those steps manually ! i first backup the database with sqldump, tar the directory (wich contain the DB backup), put the tar file in the www folder and finally log  into backup server and do a wget www.domain.com/backup.tar if i can automate that then i will have much time to drink coffee  
  9. Akeeba backup similar for IPS

    Thanks @TheSonic No my panel dosent contain a backup tool, i dont use CP. i use instead mysqldumper too to backup my DB and tar command to zip the file then i send them manually to a backup server, thats not automatic and its time consumer .. i was wondering if there is any solution that backup DB, files and send them via sftp for example ?
  10. Hi, i was wondering if there is any standalone script or app to back (manual+schedule) our IPS databases and/or files ? for joomla there is a powerfull tool called akeeba backup wich help to backup/restore/schedule/etc joomla websites. They have a general tool but after contacting them it seems that they are not sure if it work with IPB. http://akeebabackup.com/  
  11. Blue Lagoon

    5 stars for this wonderfull theme, very nice design, many features and options, a great support (you receive a response in some minutes!) I recommande it for all who are looking for very customizable style.
  12. sitemap.php whats is for

    i dont have the topics sitemap, its normal ?
  13. Beta 8 Upgrade Breaks All Themes

    having the same problem alos with rc2 ..
  14. blank page UTF8 convert

    i didnt understand !?i'd updated the conf_global.php by adding charset utf8
  15. blank page UTF8 convert

    Hello,i am tryng to convert my 600mb db since last day but i cant, when i convert it to utf8mb4 i get a blank page !i forgot some thing purhapse !?