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  1. Thank you Rhett for taking time to personally fix errors on our website. You sir rock!

    1. Rhett


      You're very welcome, glad to help! :) 


  2. Leaving comments on blogs

    You'll want to set each group to allow, Don't let your guests comment.
  3. Is the preview site dead now?

  4. Is the preview site dead now?

    Hmm. "my content" is what I use over and over when I come here. All those questions I asked are gone?
  5. Where is my followed Content ???

    Thanks, Looks clean.
  6. How much space does a pre release use?

    I just seen this. Lol Okay got it. :P :D
  7. How much space does a pre release use? (4) I wanna check it out but not use up my precious limited space, lol
  8. excepting payments via credit cards (chase)

    Lol , thanks, seems well beyond my cap[abilities. Can you tell me if one of these is already set up to receive credit card payments, and perhaps all I need to do is input some things about our accounts? " alt="5d35bed93ce5f2221e5173d874da2885.png">
  9. I have signed paperwork to take cards through chase bank. Is there a thread on setting this up? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you again for helping with our new forum. You rock!

  11. Thank you for your quick response to my question. :) Have a great week!

    1. AndyF


      No problem and you're welcome.

  12. Membership Site

    How can I force a paid subscription to join the site upon registration?
  13. Hi Guys and Gals. I have convinced another person to buy the Invision software. Is it okay for me to use my referral code to get the discount? I am setting the website up designing and administrating So I'm not sure if I qualify for the program or not.
  14. need help finding our package?

    Thanks, will do
  15. Hi I sent a friend here to purchases invision software, He said he did but cant find any of the info about his purchases, On a long shot if I give you his name and or email addy could you guys see if he did get one? And if so were going to add me to the admin. What all do I need to tell you to make this happen? I understand you may not be able to help at all.