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  1. (T31) Tickets System

    any updates?
  2. Zuckeberg fan made a thread again. Facebook will destroy forums which are about general topis, but niche forums will survive and even grow faster than ever.
  3. (DP32) Top Reputation

  4. IPS Anniversary - 10 Years Online

    The most collosal forum software today.
  5. (M34) Sidebar Poll

    Very disappointing mod. I wanted a sidebar poll where i could enter custom question, but now i have to make a topic for poll. overall 2/10
  6. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Superb mod, very good support. Easy and fast installation!
  7. (Wolfie) Random Quote in Sidebar

    It is beta version. Where is the link to access all quotes? Why can't we add an author and class many quotes to his name? This mod is very basic.
  8. (Wolfie) Random Quote in Sidebar

    wow thanx, cool mod.
  9. (VQ) Contact Form PRO