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  1. Miles Collier added a comment on a blog entry Get Ready For IPS 4.0!   

    Great, exciting.... Can't wait to try it out!
  2. Miles Collier added a comment on a blog entry Get Ready For IPS 4.0!   

    Do the current IP.Board clients get the update for free?
  3. Miles Collier added a file in Themed Skins   

    Invision Steam v1.1.1
    A theme based on Valve's Steam client and website. The Steam logo and its trademark are property of Valve. 
    The skin is compatible and has been tested with  
    Internet ExplorerOperaChromeFirefox 
    SkinGroup IconsLogo PSD 
    There are many gaming sites out there, in order to compete one of the major aspects of a site is the look/skin.
    Get this skin for your gaming site, your community will be able to easily relate their site with Steam! 
    Giving users an immediate message saying "We're a PC Gaming website"!
    Invision Steam
    Based on Valve's Steam Website
  4. Miles Collier added a comment on a file Cubic Dark   

    Priced a bit high, but looks pretty good.
  5. Miles Collier added a comment on a file Deluxe by IPS Themes   

    Very nice skin, matches XenForo very good!
    You seem to have the best IP.Board skins on the marketplace, nice job.
    Pulse is still my favorite. :)
  6. Miles Collier added a comment on a file Pulse by IPS Themes   

    Very professional and simple design, I love it!!!!!!
    The configurable settings are to die for, this is probably my favorite 3.x.x skin I've ever seen.
  7. Miles Collier added a post in a topic IP.Content as Home Page?   

    I use IP.Content for everything, including my homepage -
  8. Miles Collier added a post in a topic Profile GamerCards   

    Real API? I am assuming you mean the XCDP. I currently use a 3rd party API, which (hopefully) I should be accepted into the XCDP
  9. Miles Collier added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    Profile GamerCards
    I own a site that generate's GamerCards for Xbox & Halo: Reach. GamerCards are basically images with your gaming stats on them for forum signatures.
    Recently I have made a GamerCard just for forums to put under their profiles. We have alot more themes, but this was made just for forums:

    There are much more themes to pick from, but this fits perfectly in place.
    If you would like to view all the other themes we have, go to http://www.gamercard.../generator.html
    We run on a dedicated server so don't worry about wasting our bandwidth.
    The GamerCards get 1.2 million hits a week.

    1. Go to Members > Custom Profile Fields
    (If you already have a Gamertag field go to step 6)

    2. Click Add field

    3. Fill in field title & field key as Gametag

    4. Make "Profile Icon" Gamertag.png (for a xbox icon)

    5. Set everything to "No", but "Include on Registration Page

    6. In Topic View Format paste the following code:

    <img src="{content}.png" alt="GamerCard" />
    (The "360-Silver" part of the code can be changed to other themes on the site.)
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