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  1. Finished a skin, and it will be up ASAP. If you need any kind of support, or customizations, PM me.

  2. "Gift Subscriptions" with IP.Nexus?

    So basically what you mean, is you want 'Members' to be able to buy other members membership correct?
  3. Since when am I a mod here?...LOL

    NVM, I have it too...
  4. Since when am I a mod here?...LOL

    It's only access for the test forum.
  5. IP.Nexus Question

    You can edit the design, and layout by using the template and css files for nexus.
  6. adding folders

    No problem, and if you need anything else we are always here. You have a great holiday as well ;)
  7. adding folders

    You need to make sure you install the application after the files are uploaded. Which is in your ACP > Manage Applications & Modules. On the right, after you upload your files you will see a button that says install with the application your trying to use. After that it will be put into your applications tab up top in your ACP and you can edit all the settings there.
  8. Sharing a content via PM

    Do you mean some type of mass mail through PM for people who have bought an app or something?
  9. - More Pre-Made Skins will be released. Stay tuned for more information!
  10. Development License Key

    Ya, but basically you can have 2 sites with one license key. One for your beta testing (Not available to public) - And then the other which would be for the public.
  11. Getting a theme

    You can either use the marketplace here, or get a custom one done. - You can request a custom skin here.
  12. BBResource Is Now Released! -

  13. Ya, you will need to pay for the license. You can order the lowest package which is about $5 a month and still works for developers ect, and then after that you can skin. And for the marketplace, you can view how many purchases, or downloads a file has.
  14. BBResource in development: - Site to custom order skins, hooks, apps and also purchase pre-maid products. Stay Tuned!

  15. Can't download from IPS Marketplace

    Log-out Of the Forums and back in. After that, try it. If Not you might need some type of bigger package or something. It doesnt look like your account is set to active customers yet so once you log out it should change.