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  1. IP.Nexus - allowing users to sell products

    Sorry, I meant their own "Stuff" not "Staff" ;)
  2. IP.Nexus - allowing users to sell products

    This feature has been asked many times, by me and many other in the last years, but as I see it, IPS staff is really not interested in it. As you can see they give you answers that have nothing to do with what you asked, which is basically the possibility to allow users to sell their own staff. Said that, it is not that difficult as they say, as most work is already done in IP.downloads. IPS Devs would only need to add the possibility to sell any other thing beside files, which is the only thing you can "officially" sell now in IP.downloads. Forget about IP.Nexus since its code is not visiable and is not possible make or add anything to it from 3rd party developers. Said that, I modified IP.downloads to sell other virtual stuff and it works perfectly as well. In my case I wanted to build an Events Community so that users could publish and sell their own "Events". Since you can add custom fields to the IP.downloads files submission form, I modified the submission form so that customers could enter their own Event information and renamed the "upload file" field to "Event Information File". The only thing is that I cannot "switch off" the download field from the "product" submitter, in other words, buyers have to "download" something when they buy the event, in this case the download a PDF with the Event Instructions or whatever you want them to download. The thing is that IP.downloads is a very flexible software and its potential is really very underused by IPS. If they would make IP.downloads a bit more flexible and link it to the IP.Calendar you could virtually allow your community users sell anything with it. Yes I also used Classifieds for some other things, but there are a couple of problems with it, one is that it is very little updated, support is not the best, you depend on a software which future is uncertain and it actually does not do what I need. So in this regard it is what it is. I don't really know how will it be with IPS 4 and if IP.downloads and IP.Nexus will have new possibilities or if IPS Staff will be open to implement these kind of possibilites sometime in the future. Anyway IPS 4 looks very promissing and everybody here is looking forward to it ;)
  3. I just answered some questions a guy made in the forums about IP.Calendar and then I thought about sending him to the for a IP.Calendar tour and then I saw... IP.Calendar is not mentioned ANYWHERE in your website..! It is like it would not exist in the whole suite. It is funny, because you mention even the smallest detail about other funcionalities but nothing about this app... for me has been a key app in some projects. It was the main point to choose IPS for a community website I made for a school using the IPS. Any special reason for this?
  4. IPS Staff On Forums

    I had some weeks ago a long conversation (over several emails) with CEO about why they stopped offering support over their forums and turned completely to a Ticket Support System (they use Zendesk). The conclusion was that offering support through forums became a kind of nightmare and that many times users mixed in the support process fooling users giving them information over that issue that was not the right one or that it is much more complecated to follow to trace a case and when you have many many users with many issues, giving support over forums is just not efficient support solution. Well the difference between having a helpdesk system like Zendesk (or the ones of that kind) and the one included in IP.Nexus (which is what IPS Staff uses) is that IP.Nexus does not support one click knowledgebase creation from resolved cases which are then pushed to a self service public portal as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Groovehq and such do. And that is a pitty because there are thousands of resolved tickets with valuable information in the IPS IP.Nexus database which do not see daylight... so it is huge hidden knowledgebase and a pity for a any company using IP.Nexus Helpdesk as there is not a "publish to knowledgebase" button feature... that would be really a super valuable feature in IP.Nexus Helpdesk. The day they include it IP.Nexus will be able to look at the eyes of any helpdesk service software company as a valid competitor.
  5. Calendar Roadmap
  6. Email integration

    what do you mean with that file?
  7. [Request] Allow the Creation of files for only Paid Downloads

    Well there is always a first step and that is to Request it :) We all know IPS Staff have a long to do list and work in a lot of fronts and therefore they have to set priorities, and for sure they implement the requests they find to be more interesting for their business model. Yes I know until the new major 4.0 version is out their main tasks will be to finish the new framework and make the new implementations in that new framework which is understandable.
  8. Hi, Everytime I add a Custom Field I have to add that Custom Field by hand to all Categories. And the other way around, everytime I add a Category I have to add the existing Custom Fields to that Category. In most cases Custom Fields apply to all Categories the ones that do not apply to all should be the ones to take actions and not the other way around. Wouldn't it be more practical to allow that Custom Field in all categories if none is selected? As it is the default setting in IP.Nexus as well, when none is selected it should apply to all. Thanks
  9. When you create a new file you have the option to set the file as "Free Download" or "Paid Download". It would practical to make possible to allow the Creation of only Paid Downloads in ACP. Right now the only way would be something like taking out the "Free" HTML code: <input type='radio' name='file_cost_type' value='free' onclick="nexusSelect('free')" <if test="nexusFree:|:$default['nexus'] == 'free' || empty($default['nexus'])">checked='checked'</if> /> {$this->lang->words['file_free']}<br /> From this HTML Template: (Downloads) Submit Download mainSubmitForm Thanks
  10. Of course, If IP.Nexus could support "Direct Sales"created by members which could manage their own sales as wih IP.Downloads, that would be die ideal solution, be those sales Virtual or Physical products. Right now what we need are "Direct Virtual Sales" (Event Tickets, Courses and Services) which is are virtual Product created by community members and for that kind of sales little modifications in IP.Downloads or IP.Calendar would be sufficient.
  11. Hi, When I create a Product in IP.Nexus I'm able to select which Payment Options or Gateways users can use to pay that product, but I'm not able to choose Payment Options for products sold on commission through IP.Downloads. And that is an issue because if I want to use some Payment Options for just some Packages, those payment options are shown in IP.Download payments for products sold on commission, since I'm not able to limit payment options in IP.Download sales on commission it is a big limitation. Could you please set a feature in IP.Downloads to limit Payment Options? Thanks
  12. Why doesn't make sense to allow sellers to create their own products and sell them by themselves using Nexus Paying Gateways? there are dozens of websites out there that offer exactly that service and are monetizing a lot of money with that business. Why does it make sense to sell files and does not make sense to sell anything else? Where is the difference? Each seller wants to offer his own kind of products. It is like you would say that ebay should only allow to sell some kind of products and not other ones... the concept is just the same. The main concept here is that IP.Downloads is the only App that allow community users to create, edit, and sell products by themselves directly on your web using the Nexus paying gateways. There is no other app (Classifieds does not allow that either) or mod for IPS that allows that... so if those users want to sell products which are not files, they and us, community managers, are out of luck. Apps for monetizing communites is one of the most important aspects in any community and IP.Downloads could be easily expand to allow us to monetize our communities in more ways than just selling files, but selling actually anything, be Event Tickets, Services, Courses or whatever. If those products can be integrated in IP.Nexus listing even better.
  13. prevent downloads from changing columns

    what about letting us choose? I agree the column change is crazy. I opened a support ticket asking where is the setting to set 2 column fixed... but got not answer for it. Could you please tell us how and where can we change it to fix it to be always two columns?
  14. IPS Marketplace Update

      This problema will always exist, here in Wordpress, Expression Engine, Jommla, VB, Xenforo... it is a difficult situation to solve.   For instance in the case of Social Groups Mod. Although I have bought it I'm now thinking of stop using it, and creating myself those groups on demand using something like a form.   If someone wants a dedicated group, just have to fill out a form and I will create it for them. It is not exactly the same, I find it to be a saver approach.   There are probably a couple of add-ons that should be integrated in IPS 4.0 one of them could be Social Groups funtionality out of the box.