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  1. Nexus Integration with Paypal USPS Shipping

    Surferboy, I couldn't find IP Connect, or do you mean wordpress IPSConnect by Marcher? or do you actually mean IPContent? Please let me know as I'm interested using an ecommerce USPS/Paypal solution for the interim. V/R, Ben
  2. Nexus Integration with Paypal USPS Shipping

    Yes please! This will definitely attract users to Nexus having this option. :smile: :smile: Ben
  3. Nexus Integration with Paypal USPS Shipping

    Anyone out there have any input?
  4. Nexus Integration with Paypal USPS Shipping

    This is is huge issue and not sure why we've come so far with Nexus and this hasn't been a default within Nexus; since physical items should require an easier way for printing USPS shipping labels using Paypal. Not everyone uses FedEx! V/R, Ben
  5. Poor Support in IPS Marketplace

    Andy, I just sent you a PM. Thanks for the help.. and....just saying, " Nothing better out there than the powerful CMS of IPS!!!!!!!!!
  6. Poor Support in IPS Marketplace

    Marcher, I need your help and I know your busy with the tons of products you have. It's only a $5.00 buy, but had a question. I know you'll state that I'm all jacked up (LOL :) ) or provide the quick fix like always. The above response if for another issue, so don't think it's YOU! Ben
  7. Poor Support in IPS Marketplace

    Never received any response to the report and/or support from the author! It's all good..
  8. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    This has to be the best theme thus far. It has allowed me to easily modify to outline an appropriate theme layout for my site! Awesome! It's these types of themes that will truly help transition IPS members into future versions of the software!!!!
  9. Maxx 2013: The Smart one

    Wow! This is a true example of an awesome product, the looks, professional, excellent documentation and detailed!
  10. Poor Support in IPS Marketplace

    I submitted a report on a paid hook and haven't gotten a response from either end.
  11. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 1: Content

    You all put a lot of work into this and can't wait for the final product!
  12. Poor Support in IPS Marketplace

    Sounds good Barber!
  13. Poor Support in IPS Marketplace

    I agree.. there are some out there! According to IPS - You must provide technical support for your submissions or they will be removed. Now on IPS support, They've exceeded my expectations like always! I wouldn't trade to another CMS as I'm very comfortable with it.
  14. Poor Support in IPS Marketplace

    You're absolutely correct and the have the right to give your opinion on how you see it coming from your end. They're too many examples and variables to mention, but I can assure that all you have to do is look around in the market place and see that customers complain of inadequate support given for the product purchased. Although I won't mention it here as it's probably unethical to do so to bash someone. I would say it would require more research from IPS to identify those areas of concern if need be. How about a poll on this site to help identify a such a trend if any? Would you agree? Bottom line, if it's a product being sold, regardless of the type of product if it's software or a physical item, effective communication is key and support should be rendered. Ebay sellers are not only rated for just shipment of products.., they are rated for other reasons as well. Not one product being sold here will be perfect and will require some type of support at any given time, we all know that. Some DEVS are good yes.. of course we don't expect premium support, but not all are created equal. Will it be a user problem, yes it can be, and probably new to IPS and they're trying to decipher how to navigate or how to apply a process.
  15. Poor Support in IPS Marketplace

    To name a few.. I agree! They're excellent as I've purchased from them to. Let's not all get offended here and now mark me as the bad guy here!! :smile: All I'm saying is to take a closer look into it as they're are many out there not providing support.