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  1. WhatsApp - Site Promotion - Sharing

    I tried and failed maybe someone with experience.I had the button on my site but I cannot get the skin to display at the same time.
  2. WhatsApp - Site Promotion - Sharing

    I'm looking at creating my first hook it works on android in fact I don't have IOS like I said that was just a quick rough test to see if it worked.I'm thinking about hook with a small floating button in the mobile skin to share the current page via whatsapp
  3. WhatsApp - Site Promotion - Sharing

    Actually looking more into this I have just implemented it quickly to my site via mobile. Needs some work but I added <div class="right"><a href="whatsapp://send?text=JustATest"><img src="//"/></a></div> To my mobile skin after  {parse template="defaultHeader" group="global" params=""} </if>I think it's better than relying on external websites and javascript
  4. Login with username

    Thank you both
  5. Login with username

    Hello, how can I change the log in from email to username?I cannot find it and I hate the idea of logging in with an email Thank you
  6. WhatsApp - Site Promotion - Sharing

    +1 For this
  7. File and folder permissions

    Hello, is there any info for server side file/folder permissions?Most of the folders and files have changed so it isn't the same as the ipb3 install instructions. Apologies if I have missed them Love the beta btw Thank you
  8. Liking IPB beta :)

  9. v3.x & v4 + NGINX

    That is great thank you, and again sorry for posting in an old post. I will be using the posted information as well as other guides/knowledge I've learnt. Best regards
  10. v3.x & v4 + NGINX

    Hello, I know that this is an old post (Blame Google & SEO ;)) However is this information still valid? I am going to reactivate my IPB licence in the next couple of days due to 3.4.7 release and besides the point in february I am going to start hosting my own site at home. (Sick of hosting restrictions) I am doinga lot on research on this at the moment and for me Nginx seems the way to go. I will be doing testing next months onwards to get ready for the February switchover so if there is any out of date information in this would be good to know :) I will be doing things slightly different I will be using Ubuntu 12.04 but still Linux :) Best regards
  11. 3.4.2 Fixed

    Just want to say thanks for the recent update. I refrained from opening a support ticket as I was aware 3.4.2 was just round the corner. The latest update fixed my bbcode issues and other issues I was having. Thanks again :)
  12. Fake AdminCP

    Does what it says and very helpful support (even to my daft questions) ;)
  13. Sign in through Google

    Works great fast support thank you very much :D
  14. Fake AdminCP

    I think this is a fantastic idea :)
  15. Looking at adding IP.Nexus to my site

    That helps thank you, I read most the docs on it and seen the images 1 thing that I am wondering is how easy is it to populate products in batch. I used to have oscommerce 2.3.1 but had to abandon due to security. With a script it was actually very easy to batch populate products. I don't mean like a few I mean 100's. The business I'm in would mean a lot of products to add. Thank you