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  1. Are Chatrooms Dead?

    Personal belief that Reddit took over all of the Chat Rooms since reddit is so easy to control and use. People love their karma at reddit.
  2. Are web forums in general on the way out?

    I know I can say this, after being with forum software's since 2003, its been a striving industry. From a small town community to a large company, in the end, a forum is a engaging community. You just got to remind the visitors that it's more then just a forum, its a support group for whatever your content is aimed at. 
  3. What video game system do you own?

    PC and Xbox One
  4. What phone do you use?

    Used to have a windows phone but gave that up... I already miss Cortona's voice.... Oh well I have an android now.   Android  LG G3 now. I moved because PlayStore has the best market for apps and games.
  5. There sure are a lot of forums out there with specific genres, and some with the same exact subject at mind like General Chat, Admin Forums, Tutorial Forum etc. There are a lot of these types of website floating around, some are successful, some are just growing, others not so lucky to even get a single signed up user. The questions that go through each web owner, is "why isn't anyone participating in my website? How can I change this around to appeal the visitors?" Time and time again this has happened, and sites die off before lifting from the ground. This can be for a large number of reasons as to why visitors yield to your website and pass by without noticing. Either your content does not match what they are looking for;Content lacks such as posts, topics, and articles;Targeted wrong audience;Your vision is not clear and not vivid enough to impress a new user;or you are using a overused theme that people always seem to see.If you manage to fix those 5 problems, you may find your self a swarm of new visitors and content being made by people. However it may not always be the case, you take a large portion of the site responsibility as the administrator. Try not to look like a staff member, but more of a approachable member like the people who decided to sign up, this is a great way to relate to your new members. No one really wants to see the admin trying really hard to make content, like asking questions, or talking to them selves. The forum or blog has to just be there and provide an environment for the people to use. Another big question is "how do I encourage people to come back, and use the site more often?" People are often busy in their lives, work, school, family at home, and other personnel agenda. The only reason they may return is because they like not just the content you have, but the other users respect. When context comes into play it can discourage someone or encourage them to be active. You need to treat everybody like they have a high impotence to the site, they they feel that they have a bit of ownership in a way. This creates friendships among the masses of people. One tip is to empower some users as moderators to certain forums if they are actively making a great impact to a specific forum, have them run it so that particular forum is not dying.     Dead on Arrival website is not always a good thing, when starting a new site, try not so hard on the content, but the appearance, and reasons behind it's existence. The open forum aspect helps out a whole lot. Provide the appropriate "standard" and the appropriate "undertaking" to strive the site forward.  I do hope that this helps a little bit, and if it did, let me know. Feedback is always great, thanks, and best wishes to your new website!
  6. Some questions.

    ​Hello Andrew,  I'm not a support agent, but I am a client. Yes, your forums can still operate normally if you are late for renew. You will just loose support, and new updates to the software. Mods/Hooks are to work as intended by the author of that particular mod. Having too many mods or hooks sometimes interfere or conflict other installed mods sometimes. But its not always the case. It all depends which ones you use. Each file on the marketplace will have details, screenshots, as well what version of the software that its compatible with. Not sure exactly what you mean by that. As in redistributing? You'll need the Authors permission, and to have a marketplace like IPS, you'll need to have to official addons: IP Nexus and IP Downloads in order to do that. Hope those answer your questions. 
  7. I remember when I was 13 years old (2003), back in the day when forums were striving and active communities. Forum communities was like a internet trend. It was great to be apart of the forums back in the day. It was a sweet thing that vBulletin was one of those popular forum software's because it was better managed during that time. Then you had IPB coming out and phpBB 3 in development. After this started happening it seems as if it started this "best features" competitive thing between software's. Admin Zone was the place to be for Admins to expand and do peer to peer advice. Either I am drifting off this sort of thing, or getting old, I'm not sure. As far as I know I sure do miss the good days when forums were really exciting and topics felt a bit more... Original. 
  8. Paid Forum Subscriptions

    I do believe in this case since its 4.0 its called Commerce.
  9. license

    Hi Bill, I am also a returning customer. I can probably answer this for you.   It didn't cost me much really. Just the renewing price. You should get a quote right before confirmation of purchase. It also depedns on what addons you need renewed as well such as Nexus, Blog, or gallery etc.  Also be aware that 4.0 is still in public beta, still could be awhile until the official release of 4.0. Good luck, Bill!
  10. IPB in Weebly Website?

    ​I was really afraid to click on that link. However, I did manage to take a look. Hmm. It seems Weebly is a "Build Your Own Free Website" platform. I don't believe it is possible to do that. You'll need to be able to have MySQL database access, and file manager. Also you will need to purchase a license in order to download IPB software. It is possible to convert from phpBB 3 to IPB 3.4 however.
  11. I think I dun goofed.

    So, I tried first upgrading v4 Beta 3 to Beta 4 and the results were that I could not sign into the site, but I could sign into the admin panel. If I signed in it would just refresh and still stay at Guest. Then, I decided, "well, oh well, after all it is a beta" and deleted the database and recreated one, then a whole fresh new install. Same thing occurred. Could only successfully sign in to ACP, but not Forums, Downloads, or anywhere, it would just refresh and still as a guest.  Notice I had no issues with Beta 3, only severe problems with Beta 4
  12. Question about IPB Configuration

    In that case. You will need a license for each IP.Board served on the site. Each subdomain will need its own license.
  13. Any Price Change in new 4.0?

    But I think this will have to suffice for now as it looks like they are still in the planning stages of pricing from the looks of it.
  14. Hello, As a suite owner, will there be any significant price change or upgrade fee when it arrives? Also, I realize back then that IPS had also said that each addon will become its individual core without the use of IPBoard? If this is the case, as suit owners, do we remain the same price base? Thanks.
  15. I'm not sure exactly if you guys already mentioned a new plan or planned extension for the Best Answer post feature. But if I may elaborate a suggestion towards it. I've been on reddit lately and it caught my attention of voting, people up can be a karma feature for best reply inside posts. Instead of just the OP having it where s/he chooses the best post it can also be optional by the Admin to set specific forum options that it can be voted by the board members as best answer or the OP of the post can just determine who gets it. So really its like a Reputation feature and poll feature in one. Bur of course if the admin allows it in the particular forum of how much power the OP can get; Voting or specific answer. The author isn't always correct, so by allowing this, it gives feedback by the community on who had the great answer. Thanks. :) But if not, it will look like an awesome application or hook if a developer would take this on.