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  1. Login Logs

    Y so right !!!!
  2. (DP34) Multilang System

    great stuff but no ability translate menu ?)
  3. IPS Social Suite (4.0)

    great!   .... say i buy license1 on IPS Social Suite (4.0) and set this on domen1 then i buy license2 on nexus and user list  and set this on domen2    will it be possible between them create a single sign-on Network using IPS Connect. Would it be possible to do it in a few clicks, or it will be as IPConverge supercomplex system where in practice the average user can not do anything. Snks   ... in some dkp system there was bridge file (2kb) and you just write Mysql Dbname UserName Pass and prefix and bridge work....
  4. 6801 A 79

    From the album makus

  5. 1220 A 144

    From the album makus

  6. Manage Inactive Members

    im to was not aware ... snks fo mod)
  7. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    not enough to block the main page of fashion with the latest applications and the same block on the main forum. And the search for the correct word in the application ..very good mod, perhaps buy