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  3. Thank You, Matt. Looking forward to the update.
  4. Copy the entry from the Tracker:As far as I understand this is not a bug and shortcoming of the gallery. If enabled, the pre-moderation of the album, after downloading the image the user is taken to the album, but he did not see any of their image or message about the fact that the image was uploaded. Because of this, users are re-load the image. I'd like to see the correction of this problem in the next release of the gallery. As far as I understand this is not a bug, but the situation is unpleasant. I have on the forum there are albums with contests, in them is included premoderation. After your imagery is uploaded in these albums, users do not see or the downloaded pictures, no report of a successful download. I keep getting questions about this and many users have to upload a picture for several times, because they believe that the download failed. P.S: Sorry for the shameful translation from google.
  5. IP.Gallery 4.2.0: Tagging, ModCP and Quick Navigation

    I'd like to see improvement of the situation with the button "My gallery". It would be much more convenient if she has appeared as soon as the user loads the first image in the gallery (without the need to create a personal album). And I hope very much that finally it will be quick access to its images from the profile.
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