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  1. Portal

    Thank you!
  2. Android app and Nexus

    Theres an Android App for Nexus?
  3. Contributor Badge?

    Wow... think something like this would be cool for my website. If I could fit it into my BHDB somehow...
  4. Validation Email

    Yeah if they dont validate I eventually delete them!
  5. Validation Email

    Main reason is I get people who register and for some reason don't validate emails right away. So I get email about registration and check.. then have to keep following up and I don't get tons of registrations, just wich IPB would give you option to send another email when the people actually validate the email. Thats more important than when they register to me, because I have a manual approval process.
  6. Validation Email

    Anyway to have IPB email me when someone validates their email? I would prefer an email when they actually validate there email and not when they register?
  7. Auction - Marketplace

    Is this going to be added yet?
  8. Recent Additions Link

    When you enter a IP.Nexus Store can we add a link for Recent additions to sort at top along with these. Show me: Featured products Popular products Recent Additions
  9. IPS Portal (End of Life), Mark, Not a Good Idea

    I would hate to see the portal go, if they get rid of the portal IPS should convert your portal blocks for free!
  10. IP.Nexus - Latest Items Search

    Like a feature to sort by latest items under the Show Me when you enter the store. Just like Featured Products and Popular products
  11. IP.Nexus - Portal Blocks

    Would like IP.Nexus to include 2 Portal blocks. 1) Show Random item from Store 2) Show last 5 new items in store.
  12. When will Nexus have a member MarketPlace ?

    This is the biggest thing I want now that I have IP.Nexus... market place for users for tangible products all integrated nicely in IPB and IP.Nexus... Plus I would like Random item and newest item portal blocks for IP.Nexus... not sure why the IP>Nexus team has made these yet.. should be so simple..
  13. IP.SEO Update

    Anyway to get items here added to IPSEO? Do I need a special plugin or something I can do in IPBSEO?
  14. IP.SEO Update

    Anyone writing plugins so you can include custom mods into IPBSEO?
  15. IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

    if user is in group to get discount will it show regular price and then his discounted price? that would be nice