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  1. Con added a file in Other style options   

    Copyright Removal: i.Skins v1.0.0
    This removes the publicly displayed copyright line from i.Skins (Invision skins by XR3X).

    A single copyright removal license entitles you to removal of the publicly displayed copyright line from any number of official i.Skins that you already own or will own, on one (1) IPS Community installation (i.e. corresponding with one (1) IPS license).

    You can win this mod for free if you leave a Marketplace review and support thread post at both IPS and XR3X. Details.
  2. Con added a topic in Product Feedback   

    all apps should throw 404s for nonexistent pages
    If Use .htaccess mod_rewrite is on and the default app is NOT forums, 404 redirection may not work. Example.

    If the default app is forums, nonexistent pages throw 404 errors. The same should apply to other apps.
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  3. Con added a post in a topic Invision Going Downhill   

    Yeah dude, it's awesome. I like how there's a mobile version so I can use it over the urinal.
  4. Con added a post in a topic Reorder Screenshots   

    Hope to see this in the next major version.... Believe it or not, seemingly minor things such as the order of images in a set of images of something can influence perception of that thing.
  5. Con added a post in a topic editing posts is inconsistent   

    This. Seriously. The editor was working way better back in IPB 3.2.X. And the non-CKEditor before that was even better. Not as many features (mostly unnecessary), but it worked properly, god damn it. I would go so far as to say that the editor is currently IPB's worst feature, and by itself enough to turn someone away from using the software.
  6. Con added a post in a topic Invision Going Downhill   

    Forum software as a category is going down, but IPS is going up within the forum software category. Whether the latter is enough to sufficiently mitigate the effects of the former over the long run remains to be seen.
  7. Con added a post in a topic Restore the ability to change skin via URL   

    I appreciate the advice for an alternate skin change URL. But suddenly the skinchange.php variation is working.

    default IPS skin:
  8. Con added a post in a topic Restore the ability to change skin via URL   

    I uploaded skinchange.php to the site root and tried that but it didn't work. Got this error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/(path)/public_html/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_(id)/skin_downloads.php on line 262
    which is this line:

    <span class='file_count right'>" . $this->registry->getClass('class_localization')->formatNumber( $_cat['cfileinfo']['total_files'] ) . "</span>
    I tried disabling all third party hooks but that didn't help. I have the latest versions of all IPS software.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  9. Con added a comment on a file 4Real   

    At Admin CP  >  Look & Feel (tab)  >  Look & Feel  >  Manage Skin Sets & Templates  >  Manage Templates in 4Real  >  CSS (tab)  >  css.css, copy and paste the text there into a text editor with a Replace feature, and use that to change all instances of 6D797A to a different color, such as 919E9F (which was recently used in the 4Real Slim rendition at my site); then, at the specified Admin CP location, replace the old code with the modified code, save the CSS, and perform a hard refresh on any front-end page to test it out.
  10. Con added a post in a topic editor has gone astray   

    Reported one of the more prevalent issues ... [url=]duplicate tags.
  11. Con added a comment on a file Portal Plugin - Ad Code   

    Works great!
  12. Con added a topic in Product Feedback   

    URL mapping for advertisement codes
    Please add a URL blacklist feature to prevent certain ad codes from appearing on certain pages: for example, ad codes that appear in the Global Header everywhere except for the homepage, etc.
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  13. Con added a topic in Product Feedback   

    directly Hide content, not just Delete them, via Mod CP
    In the Mod CP there is already the option to directly Hide topics instead of deleting them. This should be available for posts and other content as well.
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  14. Con added a post in a topic editor has gone astray   

    Oh wow, tables in HTML posts completely break (tested in Announcements). Will report these if there aren't existing reports; just noting for now.
  15. Con added a post in a topic IPB Support Forums keep Crashing?   

    The site keeps on crashing, at least on my end, whenever I attempt to 'Upload [a] new version' of a particular file. What happens is the screenshot thumbnails load a certain way through and then the site suddenly freezes (at least on this end) for at least several minutes. Fortunately I eventually managed to update the file. However, the site had been crashing intermittently prior to the update of my file, leading me to believe that said file is not the sole cause.

    FWIW, something relating to site freezing and the loading of screenshots/thumbnails occurred on my site not too long ago. Something to do with a getimagesize command taking too long to look up images and ultimately failing to do so. Possibly not related, but if someone wants to take a look it's ticket 781487. Once again Jason H managed to resolve that one in good time.