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  1. Just a suggestion.... One of the things that I think would make Pages a much better tool is the ability to import an existing SQL database. I realize you would need to setup the fields first to properly import but it would save hours and hours of moving (copy and paste) lots of data. There are public tools that are excellent at turning long lists into SQL table rows - so the issue for me is getting those into a Pages db for display. If I missed some easier way to to this please tell me...  
  2. I think you miss the point. I have 3 IPS sites none of the 3 have (upgraded) converted the existing forum images and links correctly under even the latest IPS 4 version. One of those site has over 250,000 posts so I am certainly not converting those one at a time. Two of my sites also run IP.Content in it's most basic articles form -- none of those articles were proper converted either. Sorry but these are "fundamentals" -- and the fundamentals MUST be done right or you will lose customers. I have been with IPS for over 12 years and would not like to change. I will give them some more time - but they need to get the fundamental upgrade conversions done right. I would love to use IPS 4 on all three sites but I can not in it's current state.  
  3. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    Probably before the last endif,
  4. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    You have 3 div opens and only 2 closes. You need another </div>.
  5. I have tried 3 test upgrades on 3 of my sites and has had problems (most still not resolved). - loss of all links in forum posts and IP.Content articles - loss of images both local and external n forum posts and IP.Content articles I have applied the fixes in the knowledge base to no avail. My one site is quite large and took over 12 hours to run the upgrade. I do want to run that again unless it is going to work and properly convert existing content. Until they get these fixed there is no way I can update any of my sites. Do not get me wrong I like IPS4 and would like to convert all my sites - but they have to convert right and work as they did before.  
  6. How to stream an email to a forum

    This is good information and a fairly easy workaround (for those sites that do not provide RSS). Thank you!
  7. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    Done - thanks!
  8. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    Sorry UTF8 converter still stops after 4 or 5 tables (I did download the latest version).
  9. Keyword Tooltips

    Bought this from Michael's site yesterday - great idea with great implementation and, easy to use.
  10. Security improvement idea

    I think Two Step Authentication makes good sense.
  11. second license?

    Go to the IPS pricing page (http://www.invisionpower.com/buy/) Click on "Multiple License Discounts"
  12. An unfortunate by-product of using the Archiving system is inability to later consolidate forums (or sub-forums). Basically I want to merge some of older hardly used sub-forums into one (parent) forum. Under normal forum operation this works fine and you are asked which forum you want to move topics into. But if you have archiving turned on and have archived topics in that forum it will not allow you delete or (or move?) topics. Seems like it somewhat defeats some of the purpose of archiving. Hopefully there might be a solution or work-around in the future (other than un-archiving - make the changes - then re-archive everything again). Thanks!
  13. I just want to thank Matt & company for fixing the issues in the editor. Much improved - and I for one thank you all your hard work (amid lots of demands and opinions). Just another reason I've stuck with IPS for 10 years!
  14. renewal price for copyright removal?

    If you go to the "Manage Your Community" tab in your client area it gives a break down of each addon you are paying for. I also have Copyright Removal on one of my sites and it shows no cost in my client area.
  15. Editor Feedback

    The WYSIWYG editor has made great advances in the past few years. You folks have done a great job of getting us lots of great features. - I think the editor needs to work the same (at least to the end user) in all the Suite apps - especially IP.Content. Inconsistent operation drives users crazy (as well as admins). - For those will special needs - allow compatible plug-ins. Not everyone wants or needs some plug-ins -- so make them option if you can. (for example unlike the previous poster no one on any of my 3 site has ever used the programmers BBcode except in error). - I think the toughest thing is likely converting old posts, articles, comments, etc. I have one site that is ten years old and formatting from older posts gets whacked when editing (i.e. updating tutorials). If you can create a tool that can run a good clean-up that would be great. Thanks for all the great work so far!