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  1. Green Balloons With Messages

    Also requesting a return. I have people actively complaining about this missing feature on my board. :(
  2. Yeah the server reboot for us non-yanks is rather inconvenient. Though I don't think there would be any way to opt-out of a reboot or have completely separate server times/states for different countries.
  3. After having the problem confirmed via the support team who, frankly, are awesome! I've been advised to post here.When setting a gallery to moderate all submissions; If the user that submits an image. Then immediately deletes the submission (before staff can approve or reject/delete themselves) the image still appears in any content blocks (simple feed to show board staff the images that are awaiting approval) permanently with no way of removing as the link to the submission is now missing due to user deletion... hope this makes sense so far. The images also retain their re sized versions (med & thumb) on the server. They also make themselves still present in the Gallery's own 'recent images' list (shown only to groups with access to unapproved content) as well as showing on other mods/hooks such as, for example, '(SOS32) Enhanced Gallery Images in Board Index'... so it's a pretty global problem. I won't put screenshots here as they'll just be shots of thumbnails with simply my word that they're previously deleted images. :rofl: If anyone has a solution, please let me know. (or at the very least look at getting this fixed for 5.0) Cheers! :huggles:
  4. Download all my content

    Careful, that will contradict the "We're not responsible for users comments" section of terms. If questionable content is posted that would mean you, as board owner, are liable for whatever's written. My advice... Tell the banned user to be quiet. They're not gonna empty their savings to go for a lawsuit under data protection acts (in which you'll only need to give them a screen-short of their profile page anyway) to retrieve information they posted. Can't think what kind of vital information they would have posted to a public forum anyway. Unless you completely changed your registration terms, it should read:"We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message." So you can happily tell them that they agreed to that statement on sign-up and whatever they've posted you're not responsible for. If their content is gone, modified, posted elsewhere... you're simply not responsible. They're banned... stop wasting your time on them.
  5. Poor Customer Service

    Best to not forget that the forum isn't designed as an immediate support environment. The client area has a support section which tells me when my issue's being looked into and gives a place to privately discuss problems. Support tickets I've raised have always been actioned in a perfectly adequate time-frame. Artax (Personal Opinion)
  6. Domain name transfer

    In the System Settings. That's about the only advice anyone can give you without even knowing what version you're running.Don't forget, technical support is a reason to have a subscription. So I wouldn't expect, and rightly so, IP staff to be enthusiastically answering.
  7. Character Mod

    Great looking mod and exactly what I need... however... 3.2 support?
  8. CSM, Mark & Colin. Thank you! All three were a great help in gaining my confidence and deciding to take the plunge!
  9. Thanks for the replies. I found it, as you said, via the client centre. (click the big orange 'New Purchases' button) What's the process for the service. Need login details for old board and FTP/server passwords etc I assume? I'm thinking of buying it because I'm having difficulties converting it myself (various errors and failed items). I'm assuming the person doing the conversion will work all kinds of magic to fix everything exactly as advertised? What do I/we do if it doesn't go as planned or advised in the "what data can be converted" section? Sorry about all these questions.
  10. Hi, Is there a way to buy just the conversion services? There doesn't seem to be any obvious way to purchase the service as an existing customer. (The store automatically adds the cost of IPBoard). Regards, Artax