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  1. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    At the moment with 3.x everything connects to the forum; the forum is the core. It's not really an issue that much, however to someone only wanting Content and Nexus it does become rather bulky and difficult to work around. There's many other products that would most certainty be easier to work with if you didn't want a forum but did want something similar to the other apps that connect to 3.x at the moment. With 4.0 the core is just that; a core. I imagine that the core alone wouldn't be usable without at least one app to 'front' the website. You could run Core + Nexus and it would just simply be an online store. Core + Content, a basic content management system. The possibilities of just having a 'core' and then the freedom of what apps attaches to it makes it a very good product to many, not limiting it to just a forum based system.
  2. I think with the large number of people using social media, as long as there is some interest in the subject of you forum, you can get a few people interested for free via other means of the internet! Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube? All of these allow some kind of tagging system for which you can use appropriate tags to associate with posts that link to your board. Anyone clicking a particular hashtag or tag doesn't need to follow you to see it. It really depends on your target of members you want.
  3. Clarification Needed

    You're concerned that someone might click on the link and start up a forum/community identical to yours? I don't think the copyright link would make any difference. If someone wants to copy you the last thing I would feel of concern would be of how they find the forum software. There's not a huge number of software packages so even without the link it wouldn't take them long to find a forum (maybe even IPS) and copy your board. If you're adamant of not having your idea pinched you would need to go down legal route of getting patents etc sorted out; I'm no expert on that but I imagine it would be your only security. It all depends on how much you are willing to do yourself. Unfortunately it's not always an easy case of installing something and it's ready to go. With IP.Board and its features it is, but going beyond that like for your idea of having the points, badges and awards etc.. maybe not. You may have to look at having this custom made for yourself if the current available packages aren't suitable/unsupported. Besides, if you could just download and install something and be done with it that easily there's a bigger chance they can copy you ;)
  4. IP Board 4.0

    The way I look at it, if you can migrate to 3.4 now, the hardwork of converting from another board is done. The change from 3.4 > 4.0 will no doubt be easy enough. Depends how much your board relies on certain features and who it's users are.
  5. Better Options for Exporting Purchases

    Bumping again. I currently use this. SELECT m.name, c.cm_first_name, c.cm_last_name, c.cm_address_1, c.cm_address_2, c.cm_city, c.cm_state, c.cm_zip, i.i_title, ps_item_id, i.i_status FROM nexus_customers c LEFT JOIN nexus_invoices i ON (i.i_member=c.member_id) LEFT JOIN nexus_purchases p ON (p.ps_original_invoice=i.i_id) LEFT JOIN nexus_ship_orders o ON (o.o_invoice=i.i_id) LEFT JOIN members m ON (m.member_id = i.i_member) WHERE ps_item_id = '42'; 42 being the package ID. This is okay for small single purchases, however there is an issue where orders with multiple products appear more than once, even though that package was only bought once. Eg, someone buys 2 tickets, there is 2 rows in the result. Name ------------------ Order JOE BLOGS - Ticket x2 JOE BLOGS - Ticket x2 This is how I want it and somewhat how it behaves. Ideally I want a row per item. This is what's its doing.. what's the problem? It all depends what else has been ordered. We sell more than one ticket and some people have ordered more as well as other stuff in one order, and even though you only want package id '42' for example, you still get a row for each product in the same order. Say Joe Blogs buys 2 tickets, 1 tshirt and a keyring in one order. You get this.. Name ------------------ Order JOE BLOGS - Ticket x2, Tshirt, Keyring JOE BLOGS - Ticket x2, Tshirt, Keyring JOE BLOGS - Ticket x2, Tshirt, Keyring JOE BLOGS - Ticket x2, Tshirt, Keyring So I end up getting extra rows I don't want. I still can't believe there is no easy solution to export order data from Nexus. I wouldn't mind if these duplicates were a couple of rows, however I'm having to sort through hundreds rows to remove unnecessary duplicates and hope I match the number of rows with the number actually purchased, otherwise I gotta go through it again. Having to do this a few times in a year is painful and tedious. Anyone who has a solution, I would be extremely helpful. The biggest ticket sales of the year has soon got to be sorted and the list sent off to the ticket company :|
  6. Better Options for Exporting Purchases

    Going to bump this. Does anyone have, or know of a third party solution?
  7. Fully Vested in IPS - What If?

    Good point raised. Not something you think about! It can be quite a shock seeing large businesses go bust overnight. A large major brand vanishes, some after 50-100 years. I don't think IPB has a competitor that can honestly match it in terms of content, service and reliability.
  8. Hi, One thing that is lacking in Nexus is better options on the purchase list. Could something be added where we could export (to CSV, PDF etc?) information we chose. Let's say I want to export everyone who has purchased a ticket so when they come to one of our car shows I know they've paid. I want to include on it their name, their car reg and how many tickets they have purchased. The normal purchase report doesn't give me a quantity (rather it's 2 rows in the list) and it wouldn't give me any custom product field. I have an SQL code that I edit and run through the SQL Toolbox that somewhat does this, but found it's not very reliable. Sometimes some purchases will be misssing (the amount exported doesn't match the "amount sold" in the package list. Now this is fine for me, however my other staff want to do this too but have no idea what they're doing. Having it built into the interface would be great and I am suprised something like this doesn't already exist. This would help us massively with our sales of bulk items for our events. We do other kind of bookings where we require a full list of those who have purchased items so would use it a lot. Thanks :)
  9. here is a status update for you!

  10. Please, please, PLEASE... Google Checkout!

    I'd love this for my board as well. We REALLY need to start taking Google Checkout payments. Paul, if you would be so kind as to offer to share your gateway I would very much appreciate a PM! Thanks in advance if you do. But c'mon IPB, I shouldn't have to resort to asking other users!