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  1. Christmasity

    thanks very nice...
  2. Minecraft

    Thank you for this..
  3. (DP32) Force Fill Profile Fields

    Thanks very much.
  4. iRadio Hook

    Thanks mate, been trying to find some thing other tnan bouncy server, does any one know why they are no longer on line?
  5. [CH59] Paypal Icons

    Thank you...
  6. Warnbot

    lol nice one.. good idea
  7. Shoutbox Extender

    Thanks Adriano, i will download again and update this, cheers for your quick reply..
  8. Shoutbox Extender

    Any chances you can upload also English version??
  9. Member Photo in Menubar

    Thank you :)
  10. In ACP regarding controlling members, most of the first post by Charles i follow and have done a few tweaks , New members are placed in a group i have created called Newbies, In order to view my board fully with exception to introduction + site rules which they have to make a post in each of these 2 sections, Which is applicable after registration has been completed , This then promote newbies to members group still with some hidden sections of the forum , Now i have only done this as a trail period over the last few days ,And have tested this out by using an account i have created some time ago for myself to test as a member, Which comes in very handy to view what normal members can see and not see :smile: My issue is in ACP members group while setting this up!!! In the forum tab after report tab { Can view other members topics? } this throws me a bit, Should this be unchecked or checked as in ticked? Also 1.Can post new topics 2.Can reply to OWN topics? 3.Can reply to OTHER members topics I guest number 1 would be yes, for intro and site rules post. and 2 would be no? until promoted along with 3 ..... If wrong please advice as i want to make sure i get this set up correctly Zizzla
  11. Admin Posts "Reported"

    Thank you!
  12. Also glad to here this, when i upgrade to 3.3 looking forward to seeing this error gone :smile:
  13. (RSyvarth) Audio Shoutbox Alerts

    Thank you rsyvarth been looking for this for awhile
  14. Never take your board off-line

    Ok i have never thought of doing that. how many times do you take a full back up