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  1. IPB server requirements [CPU, RAM]

    We used to have around 5000-6000 visitors per day with around 100 users active in past 30 minutes. We had our server tuned in properly and it worked without any slowness even with 2 GB RAM.
  2. Upload from URL

    Upload via Hyperlink + ZIP uploader, both should be their.
  3. IP.Gallery 5.0: More Navigation Changes

    it would be great if you can see comments inside the ligthbox thing, similar to facebook.
  4. IP.Board on GoDaddy Servers ?!?

    I had been using full IPB Suite with GoDaddy, and it sucks. Recently my friend's account got suspended, and guess what, they suspended as it was using more than 128 MB RAM. GoDaddy servers are slow and lot of problems, i wouldn't recommend to stay with them, shift to better providers.
  5. Use Ajax while Image Browsing

    so are you saying that if we use ajax, our images won't show up in google ?
  6. Use Ajax while Image Browsing

    well, sometimes usability is much more important than SEO and stuff. I do assume, many people would be happy if its Ajax Based, simple click next button, next image loads, so simple for members and time consuming too.
  7. Use Ajax while Image Browsing

    indeed, it gets uglier as each time you click next, page gets refreshed and new image loads, its kinda frustrating too. New Gallery coming, this feature would be great.
  8. The New Gallery 5.0, Well Sort Of, Look-ie! :D

    agreed with Zack :) The forum things looks so bad, please don't include it :(
  9. IP.Nexus Question

    If i have a reseller, is Nexus any useful ? Can i sell hosting ( reseller ) with cPanel, directly via IP.Nexus [ automated ] ? And after he buys hosting, he automatically gets all the details in his email.
  10. Suggestion: Guests in Chat read-only

    yes, this would be a good option.
  11. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Selling Domains

    eNom reseller is too expensive. Well, their are more better well knowns of domain registars like or and that would really benefit for resellers. You went with the registrar which is one of the most expensive.
  12. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Selling Domains

    wow, nice, would expect intergration in future versions :D
  13. Agreed to that :aww:
  14. IP.Chat - How does it work?

    Hi IP.Chat can work without avatars, but you need to do some customization. I did request in feedback to put option to remove the avatars in IP.Chat. 2 ) IP.Chat will work only if you have IPB Active License. Even if you buy 1 year license but if you IPB license is expired, it won't work.
  15. HiWhenever we link files ( mirror ), the file size it shows is kinda wrong, 400 kb shows 200 kb.So if it shows wrong, i think it should have option to manually edit the file size.