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  1. No there is no change at all. Maybe the magic potion will start working after a few more months. I have posted a similar thread here which I cannot access anymore, so maybe you can -> I wonder how long before your thread also gets moved there so its better that I get my inputs in before I cannot see this thread as well.
  2. The web is moving towards simplicity is how I see it. Maybe someone can make mod which shows a button in the header like the xenforo login button. Clicking on that will bring down an ajax based thread posting form. You can enter the title, select the forum, add tags maybe and enter the thread body before submitting. People will ask whats the point as the that can be achieved by visiting the forum and clicking the start new thread button. Well usability is all about achieving more with less scrolling and clicking.
  3. CKE CSS... put it in the skin......

    This is really disappointing. Guess will have to tell the members not to wait for the glaring white editor in the dark skin to be rectified soon if ever.
  4. This is a good take away from this thread for me. Lets see how well we can implement it. :)
  5. 1789 brightideas 2560x1600

    From the album Test Album

  6. logo acta Mid En 258x300

    From the album Test Album

  7. Follow this thread ->
  8. This topic has been archived.

    In the archived thread you can see the following text at the top. This way a user who has come searching for information will have a favorable exit option instead of getting disappointed that he cannot post.
  9. [Suggesttion] Follow a member (like Twitter)

    At least the users will be able to relate to it and use it more if it is implemented in the suggested manner. Everyone knows twitter, hardly anyone knows Friends feature in IPB.
  10. more sophisticated search functionality for tags

    I think I have posted this as a query earlier. We would also like the ability to search by more than one tag.
  11. Yeah we turned it off a couple of days ago as the page load times were getting impacted.
  12. I noticed this a few days back when I went to close the poll. :logik: Did not want to close the discussion so ultimately left the poll open too.
  13. I noticed that the percentage calculation in the multiple choice poll is equal to the = votes per option/total number of votes. While this may be accurate for single choice polls it gives an incomplete picture of the poll results for the multiple choice ones. Would it not be better to have percentage = votes per option/total number of voters
  14. Never take your board off-line

    Good idea about shoutbox. We generally point the users to our facebook page. We usually have large downtimes ranging in days when we are doing a bigger migration/upgrade. Soon we will be moving our servers and I intend to keep the downtime negligible. Then there is this impending 3.3 upgrade.