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  1. This is a bugbear for us as well. Even simpler could be to require the email to be entered twice, with Paste blocked on the scond field, and a reqwuirement that the fields match. Keith
  2. Feature Request: E-mail Validation

    Hi mark I think we both mean validation before an email is sent out - by requiring the new member to enter an email address twice, and to make it match. It's when we send an email to confirm or check that these go wrong. I have just had a reply from support confirming that it is not currently included. Keith The email confirmation field used to be a feature in previous versions but was removed in IP.Board 3.2 unfortunately. I'm not sure where you posted your topic but this - http://community.inv...-modifications/ - is the best forum as our 3rd-party developers regularly visit that forum. If you didn't post it there, please send me the link to it and I will be happy to move it for you. Many thanks, Alan. -- Alan Wagstaff Invision Power Services, Inc
  3. Feature Request: E-mail Validation

    Absolutely - this would save many problems. I have also raised it as a suggestion - using perhaps not the right technical terms, but it would solve a lot of problems.
  4. We are finding a steady ftrickle of newly registeringt members who make typing errors when completing the joining page. Some of them never make it as our auto reply regarding the next stage never reaches them and bounces back. Please could you introduce a second field, requiring the email to be repeated, and with an automatic error pop up if they don't. This would surely be helpful for many users. Regards Keith Roberts
  5. [HQ] My Followed Topics Hook

    Has this been tetsed for 3.3x yet please?