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  1. Ben1 added a post in a topic fURL Templates for the Client Area!   

    and easy

  2. Ben1 added a comment on a blog entry IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: More New Support System Features   

    been waiting for some of these great work
  3. Ben1 added a post in a topic More Billing Options   

    Love the Bump

    this feature needs adding ;)
  4. Ben1 added a topic in IP.Nexus   

    Request/Idea - TC Admin intergration
    Hi IPS

    Suggestion - in the future i would like to see integration into nexus in the same way that cPanel/WHM is now.

    WHMCS also does this

    If anyone thinks they can do this now and wants to PM me a quote feel free ;)
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  5. Ben1 added a topic in IP.Nexus   

    Android app and Nexus

    I think the new version of your mobile app should have an integration with nexus
    approve orders reply to support requests etc

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  6. Ben1 added a topic in IP.Nexus   

    Limit package to one per person
    Hello All

    Is there a way in nexus to somehow limit a package to a set amount ie 1 per person?
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  7. Ben1 added a post in a topic Option for members to purchase a Store Credit   

    +1 for this Credit would be a great feature.
  8. Ben1 added a post in a topic Wordpress   

    It would be possible to install it but not sure if its allowed as per T&C's

    create a new page in wordpress where ever its hosted now and call your IPB hosted here into that page ;)
  9. Ben1 added a post in a topic Pay Per Topic   

    love this +1 as a feature
  10. Ben1 added a post in a topic Hosting options   

    +1 for this Wolfie
  11. Ben1 added a post in a topic Steam OpenID Login   

    also looking forward to this,
  12. Ben1 added a post in a topic IP.Nexus - Community Members Products   

    could you not create a new user group with permission to only create items in nexus?

    don't have nexus so don't know i would amuse this is how it would work,
  13. Ben1 added a post in a topic Considering the switch from vB 4.1 - some questions   

    I have to agree completely

    I had no issues Running VB on one of my servers always ran brilliantly, Also have to say ive always had good support from VB,

    however i have recently converted, and the reason is simple VB is lost in the commercial world with no vision, they don't fix basic issues instead add new features

    VBCMS reminds me of PHPnuke I wont even go into how un-user friendly it is, Xenforo has so much potential but is still a baby

    I'm more than happy with my Choice to join here amazing product and amazing service,

    My conversion was easy just a few steps im still getting used to the system but trust me as a long term VB user its so much better,