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  1. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Regret Upgrading   

    While your argument is valid and your choice is too. I don't think your threat will work that well getting the gallery changed to the way you want it quicker than it would if you didn't threaten. They have lots and lots of clients. I'm sure they wouldn't mind losing one as they gain lots each day.

    What you should have done is requested that feature either as a hook, or added back into the gallery in a nice calm manner.
  2. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Remove CopyRights   

    I have the money to purchase copyright but feel that IPB deserves a small link spot on my forums. They've helped me out so much and they are very amazing.

    I do not understand why people remove it. Yes they can, but there really isn't a reason to remove a small link spot for IPB.
  3. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Remove CopyRights   

    What those boards need is a visit to this page.

    They will get friendly hugs from the IPB team. As well as risk the chance of being sued, and having their web host terminate the users services.
  4. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Unable to access customer forum   

    When you do not have a valid license (Expired) then you cannot use the customer forum and marketplace downloads.
  5. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Group Legend by Default   

    The only modification that does this hasn't been updated for 3.2 and the support topic said it's not working until the upgrade is done by the author. Having it by default would be that much easier. And maybe if there was the ability to select if it appears, or if it doesn't then that would be even better. Plus the ability to choose what groups show would be good too.
  6. Cheshire Cat added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Group Legend by Default
    I feel the group legend should be a default part of IPB. Because it's the most easiest way to tell what group color is for what group.
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  7. Cheshire Cat added a topic in Company Feedback   

    Feedback on the support that IPB offers
    I am very pleased by the support that IPB offers. I've run forums in the past on different software's such as phpBB, MyBB and others such as SMF etc but IPB offers the best fastest support. When I was with phpBB I would have to bump my support topic a few times in some cases. IPB replies within a good time set and offers quick basic help but it allows me to get what I wanted fixed in such a way that if the same thing was asked at phpBB they would give me a very complicated answer.

    IPB is the best software I've ever been able to use.
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  8. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Considering moving a Very Lg site from VB-   

    It is your forum. You run it the way you want to run it. If that means using IPB then so be it.
  9. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Signing in with Username Instead of Email   

    I'm pretty sure I can login with my username. Which is different to my actual display name.
  10. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Why Buying IPBoard?   

    The reason why you buy IPB is because it's the best software in the world and the staff and support team always reply to tickets and topics quite quickly around here and in the client support ticket area.

    Maybe there are some bugs. But the developers get to them quite quickly. And as said above if you're not too sure about IPB right now there is a cheap hosting package you can purchase to get the feeling of the software.
  11. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Features removed from 3.1.4   

    The show online/offline topic is the most useful thing on forums. After so many years using forums a software that doesn't show if the member is online or not in a topic it confuses me. I'm always one to look at who is online or offline. No matter the forum genre.
  12. Cheshire Cat added a post in a topic Return Policy   

    My understanding with the hosting is you can get a refund if you are not happy with the software. You cannot once you've downloaded the actual software get a refund as who's to say you're not going to keep it? :)
  13. Cheshire Cat added a comment on a file Super News Feed   

    Very amazing mod.
  14. Cheshire Cat added a comment on a file (DP33) Customize Posts   

    Seems like a nice mod. :) Will happily buy it.
  15. Cheshire Cat added a comment on a file Duskiness IPB 3.4.x skin   

    Nice theme. You could charge people to use it as I feel it's a premium theme :)