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  1. Polling improvements please

    This has been requested for so long, it's getting hard to understand why nothing is done. Honestly, the option to hide poll results (until a given date or admin action) and guest voting cannot be that hard to implement. Polling improvements, please!
  2. Calendar Event API

    I would definitely be interested in any added functionality for the calendar.
  3. RSVP Restrictions

    This would be an extremely useful feature.
  4. There seems to be no option to hide poll results while the voting is still ongoing...? I imagine it would be very simple to add such a basic feature.
  5. I was just wondering why the calendar is not included in the mobile skin? It's understandable that it's not yet in the brand new iOS app, but the mobile skin has been around for a while, right? For our community the calendar is the most important part of the suite, after the forum itself. To be honest I feel a little cheated that the calendar is not a 'full member' of the suite, so to speak, as I never would have expected it to be this way when purchasing.
  6. Hi, we are planning to migrate our ~100 user sports team site to IPS. We are using SMF 1.1.11 embedded in MODx CMS, which handles news articles, static content and dynamic content such as team/player statistics. We intend to use IP.Content to handle all the articles / blogs. We currently use a semi-working bridge between MODx and SMF to sync user accounts and logins, but we should be able to do the conversion just from SMF, discarding the MODx user data, without too much loss of information. Our SMF installation is slightly modded, in addition to the MODx bridge there's a shoutbox and a 'who voted what' mod installed. Two questions: 1) Some people seem to have experienced problems recently with the SMF 1.1 conversion, what is the current status? Will the modifications in use cause any problems? 2) We have approximately 100 hundred news articles in MODx which will need to be moved over into IP.Content. They are in the MODx MySQL database as plain html, just header, paragraph and image tags. CSS (which is to be discarded) in an external file, images on the same server. Besides the actual content, I think only the 'time published'- field within the CMS itself would need to be moved over to IP.Content. Is there any way to ease our manual workload in converting these articles to IP.Content? We would probably want to move all the images into IP.Gallery so I'm guessing we'll have to do that part by hand, but if we could just get the html data converted, it would be fantastic. Thanks!