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  1. Waiting for payout

    Hi! How many time should i wait for payout? Thanks!
  2. Robokassa Gateway

    Новая версия 1.2.0. Исправлены найденные баги, добавлены улучшения. Обновляйтесь!
  3. Robokassa Gateway

    Да, есть полная инструкция по установке и настройке внутри файла README.txt.
  4. Hello! It will be so good to be able autoupgrade my forum by GIT pull from request from your server. What do you think?
  5. Model

    Nice ass!
  6. Moneybookers Payment Gateway

    On the mainwork of much to do. So, is delayed.
  7. Moneybookers Payment Gateway

    I'll do it! :)
  8. Moneybookers Payment Gateway

    I can create Moneybookers (Skrill) Gateway, but I need the cash reward motivation. :smile:
  9. Hello! How to set default sort for members list by rating or by posts count? Thanks!
  10. Hello! It's will be good if were posible to show packages from one category in store to all users, but resolve to buy only for a few groups. Same category permissions like in IP.Download's categories. Now i can only hide packages from groups. Thanks!
  11. How to disable Support Requests?

    Hello! How to disable Support Requests?
  12. Upgrade from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2: Gateway

    Thank! Please keep your clients informed of such changes (especially for Nexus). I would not wantto lose money again due to inactivity store.
  13. Upgrade from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2: Gateway

    When I select a payment method robokassa instead of buttons added: <fieldset class="submit"> <span id="confirm"><input type="image" src="Array" name="submit"></span> </fieldset> I use code: $button = $this->buildForm( 'https://merchant.roboxchange.com/Index.aspx', array( "MrchLogin" => $mrh_login, "OutSum" => $out_summ, "InvId" => $inv_id, "Desc" => $inv_desc, "Email" => $member['email'], "SignatureValue" => $crc, "IncCurrLabel" => $in_curr, "Culture" => $culture, "shpNexusTransaction" => $transaction_id ) ); return array( "button" => $button );
  14. Upgrade from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2: Gateway

    Please, help me to understand why my robokassa gateway no more working after upgrade. I can not do it by myself becouse all encrypted and no full docs!
  15. Hello! Old gateway from 1.3.1 does not working in 1.3.2. Why? Can you give a new skeleton of gateway?