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  1. Waiting for payout

    Hi! How many time should i wait for payout? Thanks!
  2. Robokassa Gateway

    Новая версия 1.2.0. Исправлены найденные баги, добавлены улучшения. Обновляйтесь!
  3. Robokassa Gateway

    Да, есть полная инструкция по установке и настройке внутри файла README.txt.
  4. Hello! It will be so good to be able autoupgrade my forum by GIT pull from request from your server. What do you think?
  5. Model

    Nice ass!
  6. Hello! How to set default sort for members list by rating or by posts count? Thanks!
  7. Robokassa Gateway

    Version 1.3.0


    Robokassa Gateway module for IP.Nexus v1.5.x.   Works with Robokassa with individuals and legal entities. Supports all methods of payment from Robokassa. Install instruction in README.txt


  8. Buying only IP.Nexus

    I would like to buy IP.Board at ibresource.ru, but they do not sell IP.Nexus. Can I buy IP.Nexus one separately? Thank you.
  9. Robokassa Gateway