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  1. (DP33) Filter Private Conversations System

    This looks very promising to me. Are you able to view ALL PMs, or just PMs that use specific words? 
  2. Auto Reply to Topics

    It works very well and there are no problems with it. However, if you expect this to work with IP. Content's application system, it will not work properly. If anyone posts a normal topic, it works like a charm. But if someone posts a topic using IP. Content's application feature, the html tags will show in in the auto reply. I know this was not specified to work with IP. Content, but at the time of purchasing I assumed the auto reply would work with any type of topic. And from what I can tell, I am not the only one that assumed this. So just be forewarned that this will not work with any topics coming from IP. Content.    Other than that, it does work very well. 
  3. Facebook Like Box

    It would be great if this could be used on content sites as well, not just the forum index. 
  4. Content Article Count in UserInfo

    This is great. One of the best, and simplest, hooks yet.    If you ever plan on updating this, you should consider adding a "Top Authors" feature on the forum index. Similar to how there is a "Overall Top Posters" link and whatnot. Thanks again. 
  5. Content Layouts

    I would buy this if it could be used on multiple pages. It is a great idea and appears to work but I personally have no use for a single page. 
  6. (ZoZ) Floating Top Message

    Works great. I hope to see him implement cookie expiration at some point. 
  7. [TZ34] Steam Group

    Great hook. I had a problem with the initial install but it turned out to be a problem on my end. This is a great idea and works like a charm. I can't believe nobody else has made something like this yet. 
  8. Facebook Slide FanPage

    So simple, yet so amazing. Thank you so much for making this and even releasing it for free. It works perfectly. 
  9. [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    This is very interesting. May I ask exactly how this works? Is it when you click on a forum category, instead of the topics list showing, this grid shows? If so, what happens if there were no images or attachments or anything uploaded to that topic?    I like the concept. I'm trying to find a way to integrate it into my board simply because I think its such a cool idea. 
  10. ProMenu Plus

    Amazing. That is the only word for it. 
  11. (SD33) Auto Tagging

    I wouldn't say I'm a "master" but I know a fair amount. This certainly won't hurt your SEO, but it is mostly useful for tagging IPB's own search function. It will help bots run through and check keywords, but that is about it. Since the tags only take the title of the topic, it can be pretty limited. 
  12. (DP34) Denial of Service

    Normally I would not pay $20 for this system, but I really felt like I needed it ASAP. However, I am very pleased with it. It works very well and I like all the customization. Definitely a useful application.    However, there are some English language issues that make some of the settings hard to understand. I'd be happy to translate these for you if you want. Either way, great application.    Works on 3.4.1
  13. Signature in Profile

    Works great!
  14. (SD33) Auto Tagging

    Working well for me. I presume this helps with SEO? The only suggestion I have is to make the hook settings in english. If I were you, I would add two files for download. One in English and one in the other language. But that is just me. Great work though.