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  1. 4.0 - Tables

    We need a way to do this on the frontend with tabular data. 
  2. 4.0 - Tables

    This is awesome. A lot like Magento commerce handles their "grids." 
  3. Additionally, If it would keep track of board statistics separately (as well as together) that would be awesome. E.g.: has forums a,b,c which have a combined 1,000 topics and 10,000 posts. It shows that on the bottom of Site A. has forums d,e,f which have a combined 2,000 topics and 20,000 posts. It shows that on the bottom of Site B. It shows "Network Statistics" on the bottom of both sites (3,000 topics and 30,000 posts).
  4. Agreed. This needs to be implemented yesterday.
  5. This would be excellent.
  6. Gotta love how 1 minute of work from someone else's end can save someone else weeks of confusion. Thanks for the rescue on that skin!

  7. If you want to use it, yes you have to buy it. Otherwise you can use the forums by themselves.
  8. Wordpress and IP.Board

    There is almost nothing you can't do with IP.Content. If you are using IP.Board, it's an infinitely better choice than using Wordpress.
  9. Tip: Tab Tickets menu or index in the AdminCP

    Agreed this would be a very welcomed feature. And with all the new ACP enhancements in 3.4, this would go with that flow.
  10. Wordpress and IP.Board

    I do believe the following application makes this possible:
  11. Wordpress and IP.Board

    IP.Content definitely seems like the way to go here. I've set it up similarly and no complaints thus far. It really is very customizable and a powerful piece of software. I can't really think of anything you couldn't do with it if you tinkered around enough.
  12. Indeed it would be cool. I'll look into this and see if I can make a hook for it.
  13. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Editor improvements

    Please make the editor actually parse Youtube links and embed them as videos. It works like 2% of the time currently.
  14. Redirecting merged topics

    This is so basic and could be implemented relatively easily but has been ignored for over a year now.
  15. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Thanks boboss78!