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  1. Makoto added a file in Developer Resources   

    Versions v1.0.0
    The Versions application provides a simple interface for IPS developers to create and easily maintain Update Check URL's for their Applications, Plugins and even Themes.
    There are three primary ways you can utilize this application:
    1) Manually creating versions
    As one would expect, this application will allow you to create version entries by simply manually inputting data about your application, plugin or theme. Just provide the name of the application, its directory name (this does not need to be a valid directory, it is only used for the URL identifier), the textual version representation (eg 1.0.0) and lastly the version ID number (eg 100000) and hit create.
    Once your entry has been created, you'll be able to easily bump the version whenever an update is made by clicking the "^" icon beside the version entry. To get the Update Check URL, click the button with the external link icon. Copy and paste this URL into your application settings page in the Update Check URL entry box and you're done.
    2) Importing the application .tar archive or plugin/theme .xml file
    A quicker alternative to manually inputting data is to simply import your settings automatically. Just click the import button and upload your applications .tar archive (or plugin/themes .xml file) and everything will be automatically inputted for you. Whenever you update your application in the future, you just import it again. Your previous entry will automatically be updated to reflect your most recent changes.
    3) Tracking installed applications, plugins or themes
    If you have your applications, plugins or themes installed on your IPS community website, you can track these existing installations automatically without ever having to manually input or import any data. As long as you keep these installations updated, the versions of these installations will be pulled directly on request without requiring any additional effort on your end. Just track and forget!
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  2. Makoto added a post in a topic Awww. So many bugs in IPS...   

    If others agree with your feedback and post in support, IPS is certainly going to be more likely to pay attention. So it's not just about your "one opinion". Unless, of course, you are the only one with those opinions. In which case, IPS is obviously not going to be likely to change something based on one single members beliefs on how something should be.
    However, when you won't even take the time to try and provide proper feedback, it's not helping anyone or furthering this discussion at all. You have to take the time to at least try and explain your issues when posting negative feedback, otherwise people aren't likely going to take your comments seriously. (I don't mean just IPS staff, either.)
  3. Makoto added a post in a topic Awww. So many bugs in IPS...   

    You should elaborate on where specifically you found flaws in IPB4, as just saying it "overall looks and feels bad" isn't really feedback that is constructive.
    If you think something should be changed / improved, post about it in the feedback forums.
  4. Makoto added a post in a topic Warning for IPB owners   

    If you know about a working exploit for the latest 3.4 branch release, have you reported it to IPS? If not, please do.
    (Submit a support ticket obviously, don't post it here.)
  5. Makoto added a post in a topic Board Testing XAMPP VS WAMP   

    I use Vagrant personally.
    I have a Vagrant development environment set up on my desktop. When it's booted up, it leases a dedicated IP address from my router. I use this to locally resolve the pseudo-domain "" as my development domain and use this server locally on my desktop as well as on my laptop. This allows me to easily switch from developing between the two at any time.
  6. Makoto added a post in a topic Awww. So many bugs in IPS...   

    Really, let's please not turn this thread into another pointless flame war.
    IPB4 was a complete rewrite of the software from the ground up. This is a long and complex / complicated process. There are going to be a lot of bugs. This is different from a regular upgrade, where you're just building on top of an existing foundation. This is tearing the entire foundation down and starting again.
    It's going to be a bit of a painful process and it's going to take some more time and patience. IPS could in no way fully prepare the software to be completely bug free on release day. That's just not feasible with software development in general. They spent a long time striving to get it ready up to this point. However, without lots of real world testing, it is virtually impossible to find and weed out all of the bugs.
    Yes, it is understandable some people are going to be frustrated. IPB4 is now a public release. People who have upgraded and are experiencing issues are understandably annoyed. No, this is not a huge fault by IPS. It's just the reality of the situation. They spent a lot of time working to fix bugs and pushed off announcing the official release of the software for a while to try and get it to as stable of a point as they could. But even so, if they kept pushing it off much longer, there wouldn't be people here complaining about bugs, there would be people here ranting in impatience over the software not being released yet.
    I absolutely understand and sympathize with people who are frustrated here, @Lindy is clearly working hard to help those with issues work things out as quickly as possible. It's understandable again to be frustrated, but please remember to try and keep things civil here.
    Posting "no one forced you to upgrade" to everyone who is venting frustrations of bugs in the software is just inciting further aggravation and inciting a flame war. Please don't do this. IPS can handle these things. There's a difference between someone who is being completely unreasonable and someone who is just having a bad day and is frustrated over understandable issues. This is a case of the latter. There's no need to turn these things into confrontations. This is a forum to be civil and try and offer others assistance.
  7. Makoto added a gallery image in IPB Community Photos   

  8. Makoto added a post in a topic Bitcoin via Stripe   

    Indeed, it seems uncommon to me that you'd actually want to charge in BTC itself. The value if BTC is highly volatile. 1BTC could be worth $100 one day and $600 the next week. Stripe isn't going to pay you out in BTC, they would convert Bitcoin to cash immediately on transaction (I imagine anyways). If you just want to receive Bitcoins as payment, you'd want to use a different Bitcoin only payment processor.
  9. Makoto added a post in a topic Are Chatrooms Dead?   

    ​IRC is just a chat protocol, you can integrate it in any way you can imagine. There are a number of good open source web clients out there, such as qwebirc.
    Also, is it XMPP that your brother works with by chance, out of pure curiosity?
  10. Makoto added a post in a topic Are Chatrooms Dead?   

    I've never used the chat app on any of my sites, but I host my own IRC networks for my communities and have a basic web chat client embedded on an IP.Content page for users to access. Usually the channel becomes mostly populated by the communities most active members, it becomes a place for the veterans to hang out and socialize and it less often actively used by the everyday user just stopping by.
    But overall there are rarely any problems maintaining a decent level of activity and I don't think these channels have ever taken away from any of my communities at all. The chat rooms are for casual discussions. For serious topics, people use the forums. Not everything that is discussed needs to be done in a forum topic that is set in stone after all.
  11. Makoto added a post in a topic Are Chatrooms Dead?   

    ​That heavily depends on what you use IRC for I suppose, and what networks you frequent.
    For casual discussion topics such as anime, I idle on some Rizon channels occasionally, which these channels are usually decently active. But for the most part I use IRC for access to development related channels on Freenode. Most of which are quite active. I'm often idling on #archlinux, #archlinux-offtopic, #freenode, #laravel, ##php, #python and ##English in particular.
    Also, if you use IRC seriously, you don't sit and stare at a web client waiting for people to talk, you use a real IRC client and keep it running in the background. Just as you don't always get an immediate response to a question or comment you post on a forum, you don't always get an immediate response on IRC. (It depends entirely on how active the channel is at that time). That's why concepts such as highlighting exist in IRC (that is, when someone mentions you in a message, your IRC client sends you a notification).
    So in that sense, it really isn't that much different from a forum. You don't have to sit there staring waiting for a response, and most development related channels are active enough that you can get a response from people immediately.
    Forums and IRC are both great mediums. I would hate having to create a forum topic every time I wanted to ask a simple questions relating to PHP or Python in general, but for more complex questions that can't be easily answered, forums (or similar services such as Stack Overflow / Reddit) allow you to have more in-depth conversations over an extended period of time and are discussions that don't simply fade away after a short time span.
    Generally when I have a question on something development, I ask on IRC first. If I can't get an answer I'm satisfied with, I'll move onto a forum, Stack Overflow, mailing list or any other medium that allows for a more extended, in-depth conversation on the topic.
    For casual, non-dev related discussions, I also still actively participate in several other niche IRC channels on various networks. Naturally, again, just like most forums, these channels aren't always active 24/7. Most of the time I'm just idling in them with my IRC client running in the background. But any time a conversation does come up, I can easily tab into my IRC client and join in.
    tl;dr I imagine the popularity of some casual channels may be declining in favor of Skype or Facebook related groups. Most of the channels I idle in are pretty much just full of techies anyways and aren't used by the average end-user. For development related channels I don't imagine there's much of an impact at all. The only thing that will replace IRC is another IRC. That is, another open, non-proprietary chat protocol.
  12. Makoto added a post in a topic Could you go away from eval() in order to support HipHop?   

    This was posted a long time ago. I have not yet tried to install / run IPB 4.0 with HHVM yet.
    I had planned on testing such a configuration eventually, but I've been tied up with other things recently and haven't had much time to invest in IP.Board related projects.
    Whenever I do get around to it though, I'll be sure to post my findings here for you.
  13. Makoto added a post in a topic Hashtaging   

    ​You know those people who say "hashtag whatever" in real life?
    Also it seems like every company that launches a new product has to try and cram their hashtag down your throat with every ad and commercial.
    Hashtags are everywhere. They're a cancer that started on one sub-section of the internet and have grown to infect society as a whole. 
  14. Makoto added a post in a topic Where Gallery SHARE links???   

    Can't you just link to an album on your forum on those two other forums, instead of embedding 50-100 individual images in your posts?