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  1. Makoto added a file in Developer Resources   

    Fake Content Generator v0.1.0
    Important Note: This application is intended for use by developers only. Please do not install this application on a production server.
    Faker provides developers and theme designers with a means of quickly and easily generating fake (boilerplate) content on their development installations.
    This application is currently in pre-release status. It is currently limited generating member accounts and forum topics at the moment, but I plan on offering a means of easily extending the application so that it can be used to generate boilerplate content on custom third party applications in the future.
    GitHub Project Page:
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  2. Makoto added a post in a topic I'm no longer a client?   

    Also relevant,
    Basically, just don't discuss doing it or show others how to do it. You're not going to be threatened with lawsuits if you remove it yourself though. I think you'd qualify as one of the fewer power users @Lindy was referencing.
  3. Makoto added a post in a topic Rock Paper Scissors   

    SHIFT+CTRL+I is a very easy way to get passed that 
  4. Makoto added a post in a topic Rock Paper Scissors   

  5. Makoto added a post in a topic Rock Paper Scissors   

    This probably wasn't a hugely productive use of my time, but here you go
  6. Makoto added a file in IPS Community Suite 4   

    Color Palette v1.0.0
    Color Palette is an extension for the core IPS Gallery application. It allows color palettes to be automatically generated from images uploaded to your gallery, offering a great aesthetic addition for all artistic communities!
    To see it in action, you can browse through a few sample photo submissions here:
    Note: This application is fairly resource intensive and can impact upload times on more constrained servers. If this becomes a problem on your host, you can lower the palette accuracy via the settings page to reduce the applications resource consumption.
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  7. Makoto added a file in Staff Extensions   

    Account Deactivation v1.1.0
    Every now and then, a member of your community may come to you asking to have their account deactivated or permanently deleted. It's a pretty common event on all types of social networking sites.
    People like to be in control of their accounts. When they no longer utilize a site, they often want to be able to easily have their accounts disabled to prevent unwanted messages and other notifications from being sent to them. Members can also have all of their personal profile information removed in a few easy steps.
    It can be frustrating to a member when they can otherwise find no venue to accomplish this. Many members may not go through the trouble of manually submitting a request to a staff member requesting to have their accounts disabled, but it can still leave a negative impression on them. By allowing your members to easily have their accounts disabled, you can alleviate this stress and increase your sites reputation on account privacy. Then, if in the future they decide to come back to your site, all they have to do is log in and click a button to have the account activated again!
    Account Deactivation is a full featured application, offering a wide variety of settings and functionalities for handling both deactivation and deletion requests. Some of these features include..
    An advanced full featured Moderator Control Panel interface, enabling your staff members to handle all account deactivation requests with ease.Both account Deactivation and Deletion requests can be individually enabled depending on a users member group.Offer a "Grace Period" for deletion requests, allowing a member to log in within a set time frame and cancel their request if they change their mind.Optionally allow deactivated members to easily reactivate their accounts when they log into them again after deactivation.Optionally require deactivation and/or deletion requests to be approved by a staff member before being processed.Optionally move a member to a custom "Deactivated" member group after deactivating their account, then move them back to their original group automatically on reactivation.Optional user e-mail notifications for all deactivation and deletion events. (Request pending, completed, rejected, and account reactivated)Allow members to provide reasons for their deactivation requests, providing you with potentially valuable information on how you can improve your community in the future.Licensing and other information
    This application is commercially licensed, one purchase is valid for one installation. If you wish to install this application on multiple IPS communities, please do the right thing and support this applications development by purchasing a license for each community!
    By purchasing the Account Deactivation application, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following license terms:
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  8. Makoto added a post in a topic IPS + FontAwesome   

    You actually do raise a very interesting and valid point. I have never once actually considered this. I always associate "i" with icon, since in my mind I have completely deprecated <i> and <b> regardless of if they are no longer considered so.
    But as Rikki said, even though you're right that it's not semantically correct, it's not something that's really worth changing at this point.
    I think I will actually work to change this behavior myself in my own personal projects now however.
  9. Makoto added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x and IP.Nexus 1.5.9 Security Update   

    That would be a very unwise move on your part to ignore security patches, since you're leaving your forum open to potentially being compromised in the future.
    But you can't disable the announcements.
  10. Makoto added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x and IP.Nexus 1.5.9 Security Update   

    Did you have problems when applying these patches? If so, you'll need to elaborate on them, or preferably submit a ticket. Otherwise, no one can help you.
    Security patches are not an optional thing you can just ignore.
  11. Makoto added a file in Developer Resources   

    Versions v1.0.1
    The Versions application provides a simple interface for IPS developers to create and easily maintain Update Check URL's for their Applications, Plugins and even Themes.
    There are three primary ways you can utilize this application:
    1) Manually creating versions
    As one would expect, this application will allow you to create version entries by simply manually inputting data about your application, plugin or theme. Just provide the name of the application, its directory name (this does not need to be a valid directory, it is only used for the URL identifier), the textual version representation (eg 1.0.0) and lastly the version ID number (eg 100000) and hit create.
    Once your entry has been created, you'll be able to easily bump the version whenever an update is made by clicking the "^" icon beside the version entry. To get the Update Check URL, click the button with the external link icon. Copy and paste this URL into your application settings page in the Update Check URL entry box and you're done.
    2) Importing the application .tar archive or plugin/theme .xml file
    A quicker alternative to manually inputting data is to simply import your settings automatically. Just click the import button and upload your applications .tar archive (or plugin/themes .xml file) and everything will be automatically inputted for you. Whenever you update your application in the future, you just import it again. Your previous entry will automatically be updated to reflect your most recent changes.
    3) Tracking installed applications, plugins or themes
    If you have your applications, plugins or themes installed on your IPS community website, you can track these existing installations automatically without ever having to manually input or import any data. As long as you keep these installations updated, the versions of these installations will be pulled directly on request without requiring any additional effort on your end. Just track and forget!
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  12. Makoto added a post in a topic Awww. So many bugs in IPS...   

    If others agree with your feedback and post in support, IPS is certainly going to be more likely to pay attention. So it's not just about your "one opinion". Unless, of course, you are the only one with those opinions. In which case, IPS is obviously not going to be likely to change something based on one single members beliefs on how something should be.
    However, when you won't even take the time to try and provide proper feedback, it's not helping anyone or furthering this discussion at all. You have to take the time to at least try and explain your issues when posting negative feedback, otherwise people aren't likely going to take your comments seriously. (I don't mean just IPS staff, either.)
  13. Makoto added a post in a topic Awww. So many bugs in IPS...   

    You should elaborate on where specifically you found flaws in IPB4, as just saying it "overall looks and feels bad" isn't really feedback that is constructive.
    If you think something should be changed / improved, post about it in the feedback forums.
  14. Makoto added a post in a topic Warning for IPB owners   

    If you know about a working exploit for the latest 3.4 branch release, have you reported it to IPS? If not, please do.
    (Submit a support ticket obviously, don't post it here.)