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  1. Why IP Gallery?

    Thanks. I use nginx for static images, and know how to setup a blanket block. I would have liked to somehow make use of the settings within the ACP, but the hotlinkers will call the image directly.
  2. Why IP Gallery?

    I see that there is a way to restrict the bandwidth of guests, so I guess that can be used to protect against it being abused
  3. Why IP Gallery?

    What are the bandwidth implications of people uploading an image and then posting it on another site? Is that an issue worth considering?
  4. Why IP Gallery?

    Thanks for all your responses. I have managed to get a demo account, so I will pop in there and see what it feels like to use.
  5. Why IP Gallery?

  6. Why IP Gallery?

    What benefit does that bring over simply creating a new topic and posting a picture in there?
  7. Why IP Gallery?

    Why would I purchase IP Gallery? What would it bring to my community?
  8. Mobile Skin / Board - what's the future plans?

    you probably want to create your own thread. to add ads into the bottom of the topic view page, simply add a div above <div class="controls"> <div style="margin:5px 0;text-align:center;"> GOOGLE ADSENSE HERE </div> <div class='controls'> <div class='buttons'> To see where the add appears visit on your mobile device
  9. (Bim) Top Stats