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  1. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a comment on a file Googol (Google Style)   

    That won't be much of an issue, because Google has changed it's design recently.
  2. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a comment on a file IPB Responsive by IPS Themes   

    Very nice job! But I thought that IPS was going to make the forum responsive also on 3.5, so I hope all your work has not been for nothing when 3.5 gets released.
  3. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a comment on a file iNetwork   

    Thank you for your sweet comments everyone!
  4. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a comment on a file iNetwork   

    iNetwork update released
    • Added Search Icon
    • Adjusted colors
    • Increased contrast
    • Increased resolution
    • Several small improvement
  5. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a comment on a file iNetwork   

    To be added next update:

    • Add icons to the sideblock titles

    I would be happy to hear more suggestions too!

    Thank you
  6. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a file in Complex Skins   

    iNetwork v3.4
    iSarah iNetwork
    It's time to be modern! As the internet is moving on, so should communities and forums with beautiful and SEO friendly designs! iNetwork is also easy on the eyes. The colors are beautiful N the design brings a small tribute to the maestro and it can fit any kind of forum. If you want to have different colors, it requires only a few minimal changes to the code, which I would be happy to help you with!

    This design makes use of pixel sharp icons in the menu
    If you have custom menu links that need to be added with a icon,
    you are free to send me a message on this community or on my website
    and I will provide you with a matching icon. Some icons, such as a home
    website are already added and menu links like "home" should get
    a matching icon attached automatically. If not, I will provide assistance!
    I will also apply the icon to your menu completely free of charge if you are not familiar with coding.
    There is also a small protection which prevents visitors to download your main logo.

    Network works on all apps:
    IPBoard • Gallery • Content • Blogs • Downloads • Nexus • Chat • Calendar • Content
    Copyright removal or branding free can be purchased for an additional 15 dollar.
    If interested, you are free to send me a message for futher instructions.

    Included is the .psd file for the logo, so it can be easily edited.

    More screenshots can be found below.
    If any issues or improvements regarding this design, feel free to send me a message.

    Thank you
  7. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a comment on a file MineCraft   

    Are you really complaining about 3 dollar every 6 months? The author still has to work plenty of hours on the theme, updating it for each future version.
  8. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a comment on a file Cubic   

    As a Webdesigner myself, and from first sight allready, I can tell the Author has put alot of effort and work into the theme.
    Even if it looks basic to some, the theme seems to have alot of options and features. I think the price is okay. Beautiful Theme author!
  9. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a post in a topic is down?   

    It's the first time I am able to reach the community since yesterday.
    I hope i'll be able to connect always now.

    Gosh, you have to be kidding me about 3.4.1
    I just started updating people's designs to 3.4.0

    I don't have any automated design bots or staff to re-create all custom and normal skins all the time!
  10. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a comment on a file Simples   

    It almost looks like a Wordpress website now! Good job none the less! :)
  11. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a post in a topic Rant!   

    Thank you for all those kind words everyone! It's very sweet! Makes one feel very welcome at the community! :D
    It's a BIG improvement over working with VB, that's for sure! VB is frustrating to work with. And i'm going to switch
    and buy for my other websites also IPS once my other community is finished and ready to use with IPS.
    With this software you actualy do not need 200 addons and modifications to make it work! And IPS looks modern and classy.
    Not to mention updating felt like restarting the whole website over again with all the addons you needed on vb.

    The black login bar on top with message icons and everything is the most beautiful feature, also forum looks very pretty!
    And the suite offers everything one would ever need to make what they want to make, without any major addons.
    I bought 5 addons and 2 skins for IPS so far, and the website feels just awesome. It's fantastic.
    And I just updated to 3.2.3 and it went so smooth. Took only 3 minutes and everything worked fine!
    It's lovely! It's a pleasure to work with IPS and the community! I'm happy i bought it! :smile:

    I don't know much about php or css or html, but IPS makes everything so easy, even for people like me LoL!
    So i will definately recommend any clients and friends hosting communities that IPS is the way to go.
    Anyway i talk to much again, but i love happy endings and i felt like sharing that. Good news should be told also! :)

    Thank you again
  12. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a post in a topic Rant!   

    I got the Credit Card over the weekend! And I bought it! I'm so happy!
    Thanks for all support!
  13. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a post in a topic Rant!   

    As I said, first, it's not instant either. Secondly i'm not linking my bank account to paypal!
    I do not wish anyone hacking my paypal to then be able to get all money from my bank account!
    Paypal is only password protect, and doesn't even have a verification device that gives a random number each few seconds.
    It's just not safe.

    It would have been alot easier to have ogone or moneybrookers, which is VERY VERY safe.
    Since you even need to use a card reader device with a random number each few seconds.

    I'll wait for my mastercard to arrive, buy the ips suite, and then cancel the master card.
  14. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a post in a topic Rant!   

    That's very sweet of you to say! Thank you! :huggles:
    I guess when you have to wait, it will feel alot more rewarding once you are able to get it.
    And I guess you'll feel happier also being a proud owner once you installed it.

    Remember all those years as a little child, seeing all those presents under the christmas tree,
    the days before christmas, and you couldn't sleep cause you wanted to open them before christmas.
    Those were good times thinking back. Even tho it felt frustrating also back then. Maybe this will be the same.
    A nice memory to treasure when you think back at it. Good times! :D
  15. Sarah Joy Sokoloff added a post in a topic Rant!   

    I'm sorry but I have been looking another full hour and reading articles about paypal,
    on how i can use my bank card to pay instantly with paypal, without having to go through
    the whole hassle of linking and connecting, and checking bank statements and whole that weird stuff.
    The other way around is to send money from bank to paypal account first, which takes 4 days to arrive at paypal,
    and then send from paypal to IPS. It's the most rediculous thing i ever witnessed.

    I'll just wait for my credit card to arrive sigh. I only need it to buy this suite. So silly.
    Could have setup the board 3 weeks ago, but I don't have a credit card yet.
    I'll just wait. Thanks for the assistance, allthough it's very frustrating.

    I used my bank card for so many things before to buy stuff instantly online.
    It's the first time i come somewhere that isn't possible. Shame!
    I don't even know If i should trust the credit card thing. We'll see.

    Anyway, you know what they say. Patience is a virtue! :dry:
    Thank you for the support, and i'm very sorry for sounding a bit upset.
    But I got it of my shoulders now. Thanks.