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  1. As much as I know IPB have stored original gallery files in previous versions also. They are useful if you want to rebuild gallery images. I see your concern about disk space. You may change the Maximum Image Size in Group Settings to reduce original image size for future uploads. It won't apply to your old files tho. Speaking about myself, I once found original gallery files useful when I wanted to remove watermark on images. But I'm not worried about disk space either  
  2. Topic splitting

    No, post author did not change but topic author changed from mine to someone elses. My common sense thought that first post will not change and others will sorted by topic date after first post. This kind of topic hijacking is a bit funny  My first reaction was cmd+z 
  3. Topic splitting

    Hey! I have some questions about topic splitting. I'm a bit confused and should it work this way after all. I made a topic on my forums and needed to transfer some posts into that topic. I used "split" in old topic but the result was that my post in new topic went to last position and topic starter changed to person who made the earlyest post from splitted posts. Should it work that way? Or is it a bug?
  4. PHP7 Compatibility

      Would like to know that as well?! One of the hosts I know stated on their FB page that they will not offer PHP7 anytime soon because they have their own control panel and upgrading it would be too much work 🤔 It's some cheap (and unreliable for me) host anyway. My own host has made a rule that they will make PHP versions upgrade on first monday of every month if any of them have come out.
  5. 4.1 messenger suggestions

  6. PM system

    What I find PM system should have or needs to improve by feedback from my members: 1. Topics pane on the left lacks participants information. If I'm the starter and I replied last, theres no way to know whom I'm taking to without opening message. Theres only information about how many members are in specific conversation if I roll over the number. If I have many conversations with the same title, it's a bit confusing. Solution should consider mobile version as well. 2. If theres more than 1 page of replies, clicking on title it takes me to the first page. At least my members find it should take you to the last or have an opportunity to select last page from topics pane. 3. Believe it's a bug but sometimes it opens topics pane on the top and message body at the bottom. On mobile I mean. If I do refresh, it removes topics pane and works like it should. Problem occurs mostly when selecting message from popup window when I click on envelope icon. It's a bit annoying because theres too much scrolling. 4. On mobile, if I reply to a conversation it won't move conversation at the top of the topics pane. After page reload it's at the top. Members have asked an option to select multiple conversations at the time to delete as well but I saw it's already done with 4.1.
  7. I got some "Access Denied" message with error code 15. Can't start Support Tickets, Bug Reports for example.
  8. Rare wrong date in quotes

    You don't have a { before #. It should be like {# [1:hora][?:horas]} Maybe your language key "f_hours" is missing {
  9. Page numbers in mobile

    When I'm watching forum view on iPhone, some topics don't have page numbers, but when I open some topic with 72 replies, theres 3 pages. It seems page numbers (at least last page number) appears, when topic has over 100 replies. Why?
  10. Deleting gallery images

    There is a group setting to delete own albums. I believe deleting own images should be an option as well, separated from general content deleting. Members keep asking me why they can delete their album but not just a single image.
  11. ​Actually, the following cookies can be exempted from informed consent under certain conditions if they are not used for additional purposes: User input cookies (session-id), for the duration of a session or persistent cookies limited to a few hours in some cases.Authentication cookies, used for authenticated services, for the duration of a session.User centric security cookies, used to detect authentication abuses, for a limited persistent duration.Multimedia content player session cookies, such as flash player cookies, for the duration of a session.Load balancing session cookies, for the duration of session.UI customization persistent cookies, for the duration of a session (or slightly more).Third party social plug-in content sharing cookies, for logged in members of a social network. And IMHO everybody knows what's a cookie and that almost every site in www are using cookies. So this law seems a bit overrated. And to have a cookie for additional purposes, write it into your Terms of Service. Thats just my humble opinion. Don't hate me!   
  12. Where is the members list ?

    ​Personally hope this is an extra feature and not default. I hate members list. Unused feature for me and for my members. Totally agree with IPS on this. What I can't understand is that how one person realized it's gone and others woke up after that like "oh nooo, its so important thing". So important that you even haven't realized it's gone over a year! Haters may hate but theres certainly lots of people who's happy with decisions made. And as theres list of members in search I cant understand how come you still whine about that.
  13. Where is the members list ?

    Just wondering here.. if the member list is so important and most used thing for some users then how come they didn't realize it's gone until now...  I'm glad it's gone. Rarely used it and can't find it useful to have it on my board.