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  1. View downloaders

    I second this :)
  2. and if I "regret" I bought it which I doubt, I can just stop using it and cancel it or?
  3. I understood that lawl, but I mean like hmmm, will they shut it down automatically or will they force me to pay xD?
  4. Last question: If I don't pay the next month it automatically shuts my site down or I get a fee that I need to pay and if I don't pay it the fee gets higher or something like that?
  5. Could someone more clarify this a bit and also do you guys activate orders during saturdays??
  6. If I make the board offline, will the users that "visit" but arent on the board that are just viewing the offline message be counted as online users, thanks for answering everything guys :)
  7. The thing I still dont get is the online users 5 part..... what if another user tries to login he she isnt able to and cant it handle more than 5 visitors or not xD?
  8. Hey guys, I'd like to hear some answers to those questions: 1) If I buy the monthly paid package will you guys be able to put in a page in index for me or thats not possible 2) Could I use my own .com domain? 3) If I don't pay it let's say I have to the 30th October and I don't will it automatically just get down or how is the system working? 4) Will I get active customer status while paying the 5$ / Month 5) How many users can visit/ registrer on my site for 5$ / Month I think thats all =)? Cheers!
  9. a weird question

    Anyone from staff? =]
  10. a weird question

    Chel - how?? And for sec respons its not possible here unfortunantly =[
  11. a weird question

    Hey all ive always wanted to buy ipb but my issue here is the thing that i dont got a credit card or a verified paypal [cant verify it because i dont got a card] parents wont help so that alternative is left out.. But ive earned cash on my unverified paypal from websites sooo has there ever been a case like me and is it possible? Cheers!